YouTuber JiDion Says He ‘Sold Out’ in Emotional Video

YouTube content creator JiDion speaks candidly about how he ‘sold out’ in an emotional video that hints that his channel might see some changes.

During a recent livestream and subsequent YouTube video, popular content creator JiDion spoke candidly about sponsorships and how he feels like he may have sold out. Though JiDion has been permanently banned from Twitch due to actions in the past, the YouTube content creator may be shifting directions again due to some regrets that have been aired.

Popular YouTube content creator JiDion is known for pulling some interesting stunts to entertain his audience and reach new viewers, such as attending TwitchCon despite his ban and getting a haircut during a US Open tennis game. JiDion is regularly raising the bar for his content, but parts of his community have noticed that some brand deals feel disconnected from what the YouTuber usually does, and this has been noticed by JiDion himself. In his September 9 YouTube upload, JiDion discussed taking the easy route for money, being in the spotlight, and feeling like he had to please everyone in his audience, which caused stress to build.


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Feeling like a self-professed “ticking time bomb,” JiDion went on to detail how the Pokimane hate raid backlash brought a spotlight to his channel that he never expected, increasing viewership despite being removed from Twitch. According to JiDion, he may have begun selling out around this time as he started taking more sponsorships like new ones with TikTok and the NFL. Working with certain brands opened JiDion’s eyes to how his content needs to be family-friendly to meet appropriate criteria, something that JiDion didn’t intend to compromise on when beginning his YouTube journey.

With tears streaming down his face, JiDion emphasized the importance of morals and making quality YouTube content like his Pokimane collaboration over making money or reaching new sponsors by offering personal examples that had to be toned down to meet a deadline. One thing JiDion acknowledged as particularly sad is that he didn’t know he was selling out until recently, opening the door for more ad spots before he ultimately made the realization. Worried that he’s been making worse content as a result of censoring himself for a broader audience, JiDion hinted that things are going to change going forward.

Many members of JiDion’s audience took to the live chat to express appreciation for the content creator and those sentiments have been echoed through comments on the VOD, as well as parts of social media. Although JiDion may feel like he sold out, some viewers celebrated his ability to look at the situation so analytically, while others assured the banned Twitch streamer that even the recent toned-down stuff has been entertaining. Given that he’s stated an effort to change his approach to creating content, JiDion fans may see changes to his YouTube channel in the future.

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