Your Personal Naruto Character (Based on Your Zodiac Sign)

With a huge cast of characters, Naruto has a hero or villain for everyone. While the main warriors like Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are the center of the story, they are supported by a host of different personalities, with every fan having a secret favorite who they’re always happy to see.

Presenting those characters as the Zodiac signs that traditionally represent their most noteworthy qualities is a great way to explore the huge cast and perhaps even find a new favorite. While there are multiple Naruto characters who could represent each of the twelve signs, Screen Rant has chosen the ideal representation for each, offering a new way to see the series’ cast.


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With franchises like My Hero Academia offering fans official characters based on their Zodiac signs, looking to stars is a fun way to forge new connections with the cast of Naruto, and explore how a varied cast made the series such a breakout hit.

Aries: Kaguya Otsutsuki

Dynamic, strong-willed, and with a deep conviction that her role in life is to lead others to the promised land, Kaguya Otsutsuki is the definition of an Aries. Indeed, with Aries’ telltale confidence, the courageous and focused Kaguya did not let the opportunity to take over Otsutsuki operations on Earth slip away. Moreover, no Aries will miss how she parlayed that role into ruling the Earth for a millennium. Perhaps her sons should have thought of a different approach to avoid the iconic Aries temper when they attempted to stop her rule. But once they did, she never faltered in doing whatever it took to succeed.

Taurus: Naruto Uzumaki

If Naruto is anything, it’s steadfast and determined, just like the Taurus bull. Orphaned, ignored, and ridiculed, Naruto channeled his Taurian willpower to not only become one of his generation’s best shinobi but also be appointed to serve as Konoha Village’s Seventh Hokage. Never willing to remain in an unhappy or unsatisfactory situation, but equally unwilling to change his course of action once he decides on a path, Naruto never falters in his goal of being the best, even when it means extreme struggle. His stubbornness was also the key factor in saving Sasuke from himself and bringing him back into the good graces of the Konoha community.

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Gemini: Sasuke Uchiha

Creative, inventive, and perhaps the Zodiac’s best multitasker, Sasuke is the model Gemini. The ability to be engaging and aloof to different people, as well as happy and sad, upset and calm at the same time are perfect examples of Sasuke’s Gemini elements, as is his adaptability. While deeply interested in communicating and connecting with others, Gemini’s normal mode of interaction is more rational than emotional. This was commonly demonstrated in Sasuke’s interactions with Sakura. While he cares for her, his typical “at arm’s length” approach is almost opposite to her need for a more emotional reaction.

Cancer: Sakura Haruno

Deeply sensitive, but unwilling to casually expose her vulnerable side to others, Sakura is the quintessential Cancer. Indeed, Sakura’s naturally shy approach to courting Sasuke was classic Cancerian, as is her emotional and protective nature toward him once the connection and relationship are realized. Indeed, nothing is more fear-inducing than a Cancer protecting their loved ones. Shrewd, imaginative, and innovative, Sakura was the “brains” of Team 7, even if Naruto and Sasuke did not know it, and often, as she proved in the battle with Kaguya, the difference between the team’s success and defeat.

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Leo: Kurama

Widely understood as the “king” of the tailed beasts, Kurama is pure Leo. Majestic in mind, appearance, and attitude, Kurama’s self-confidence is not only present in himself, but as with Leos, it tends to inspire those who witness it. In fact, but for Kurama’s presence in Naruto, it is unlikely that the titular hero would be the shinobi, leader, and man that he is today. Like Leo, Kurama sees the big picture and is not averse to pushing Naruto when the potential for success is clear. Moreover, once he bonds with Naruto and accepts him as a friend, in pure Leo fashion, he is willing to give his all to see him succeed.

Virgo: Tsunade

Critical, direct, but with an unbending desire to help others, Tsunade is the definition of a Virgo. Moreover, any Virgo will readily recognize the sign’s telltale focus on health, betterment, and hygiene in Tsunade’s nature. She is one of the most gifted medical ninjas in Konoha Village’s history, and her precision has saved more than a few lives. Perhaps most telling of Tsunade’s Virgo attitude is the time she served as Hokage. While smart and forceful, like any Virgo, she never made a decision without knowing all the facts, or at least all the available facts.

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Libra: Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Kaguya’s son Hagoromo, the eventual Sage of the Six Paths, is the model Libra. Diplomatic, justice-oriented, and focused on bringing fairness and harmony, Hagoromo has literally spent thousands of years fighting to turn back the excess of his mother and establish some sort of balance in the world. Indeed, like a Libra, being both human and Otsutsuki, there is no one else who can see both sides of the age-old struggle between the species, and use that knowledge to help overcome their conflict. However, as demonstrated in his interactions with Naruto, Hagoromo is not averse to Libra’s penchant for debate and argument.

Scorpio: Itachi Uchiha

Scorpios, who are known for their intensity, passion, and hardcore ability to get what they want, are often miscast as being evil or selfish. More often, the reality is that they, just like every other sign, are focused on achieving their dreams, but are more willing to do what is necessary to succeed, showing a commitment to their cause that few can match. No one represents that vibe like Itachi. Not only did he wipe out his own clan, but was willing to accept hatred and vitriol, especially from Sasuke, to see his plan through. No sign can compare with a Scorpio’s resilience to opposition when they truly believe they are right, nor to their ability to improve the world around them when they are.

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Sagittarius: Jiraiya

Like Sagittarius, Jiraiya is filled with bottomless enthusiasm, a need for freedom, and a love of the outdoors. Moreover, most Archers will recognize that despite his eccentricities, almost anyone who met him ended up liking him. Despite his Sagittarian fun-loving, cheery mentality and need for mental and physical stimulation, Jiraiya is no joke. A member of the Sannin, he is considered one of the wisest ninjas in the history of Konoha Village

Capricorn: Shikamaru Nara

Cerebral, disciplined, and ambitious, few characters better represent the aspects of a Capricorn than Shikamaru. Considered among the slowest to develop within his cohort of family and friends, Shikamaru flipped the script to prove initial beliefs wrong by developing into one of the best and smartest in the group – an experience familiar to many Capricorns. Indeed, Shikamaru’s primary jutsu, the shadow imitation technique, which renders opponents immobile, is a perfect example of the Capricorn need to control his surroundings and live according to his own perspective.

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Aquarius: Kakashi Hatake

Freedom-loving, self-confident, headstrong Aquarians will immediately recognize Team 7 leader and eventual Hokage Kakashi Hatake as one of their own. Smart and dedicated, Kakashi is not afraid to go outside the box to let his team “solve” the problems before them in a manner that allows them to develop themselves. While many consider Kakashi radical, his exceptional (albeit unorthodox) abilities made him the best choice for a job that required physical prowess with the right mindset.

Pisces: Hinata Hyuga

Sensitive, emphatic, polite, and always willing to make a sacrifice, Hinata is the definition of a Pisces. One of the best examples of her Pisces attributes was when she confronted Pain to protect Naruto. She did this despite her dislike of confrontation. Still, like all Pisces, people should never take her kindness as a weakness or a character flaw. Indeed, despite her initial Piscean tendency to rely on others to get through situations that are uncomfortable, her focus on perfection eventually allowed her to become one of the best shinobi in the village.

Exploring the Zodiac signs of manga with big casts like Naruto is always a fun and interesting way to interact with characters and personalize the experience. Besides the primary characters like Naruto, Sasuke, and Sarada, there are plenty of others whose signs will be of interest to fans and newcomers alike.

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