‘You are all military men now’: Putin’s Ukraine mobilisation begins

Since Putin, Russia’s president, and Sergei Shoigu, the defence minister, announced that some 300,000 men would be drafted to bolster battle-stricken forces in Ukraine, summons have been delivered, with schoolteachers forced to hand out draft notices.

Men were given an hour to pack their belongingsand appear at muster stations across the country, but mainly in Russia’s poorest and most deprived provinces.

Officials in Buryatia, one of the country’s poorest regions, were reported to have handed out thousands of draft notices since Putin’s announcement.

A video emerged of people clashing with a female official in Dagestan, a Muslim republic in the Caucasus ruled by Moscow, arguing in favour of the conscription.

“You’re fighting for your children’s future,” the official shouted to a crowd outside a municipal building. A man in the crowd responded: “We don’t have a present, what kind of future are you talking about?”

Another social media video from Yakutia, north-east Siberia, showed dozens of men bidding farewell to their loved ones before being bussed to recruitment centres.

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