Xbox Game Pass Adding New Day One Game Today

Microsoft updates its selection of Xbox Game Pass games by giving subscribers a new day one release they can try.

Microsoft is updating its selection of Xbox Game Pass titles to include a brand-new day one release. Microsoft spreads its new Xbox Game Pass offerings throughout the month, with this week having been an especially busy time for subscribers. On September 13, Microsoft added two games to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and later today, a new game will be available to all Game Pass subscribers regardless of which tier they’re signed up for.

Later today, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can download and try day one game You Suck at Parking. You Suck at Parking is not quite yet available for download at the time of this writing, but it should be up for grabs within the next few hours. The file size for the game is relatively small at just 4GB, so it’s unlikely that Xbox Game Pass subscribers will need to make much room in their storage for it. When it does properly launch, You Suck at Parking will be available to play across PC, consoles, and the cloud. Those that go with the latter option don’t have to worry about the game’s file size at all.


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No reviews for You Suck at Parking have been published at the time of this writing, so Xbox Game Pass subscribers curious about it will just need to test it out for themselves. It’s described as the only racing game where the goal is to stop, with players trying to get their vehicle parked in a specific section of each racetrack. Based on the screenshots, there looks to be a nice variety of tracks available, with over 100 to complete.

Besides the single-player races, there is also a multiplayer element to You Suck at Parking as well. Leaderboards are available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to test their skills against the rest of the world, while there is a dedicated multiplayer mode for up to eight players online. There does not seem to be any local multiplayer options, based on You Suck at Parking‘s Microsoft Store page, so fans should keep that in mind.

With little to no professional reviews published for the game just yet, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have to try You Suck at Parking for themselves to see if it’s something they would like to play. Those who come away disappointed should note that it’s not the only day one game releasing for Game Pass this week. In fact, September 15 will see the addition of two more day one games for Xbox Game Pass in the form of Despot’s Game and Metal: Hellsinger.

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