Worthplaying | Candle Knight is A 2.5D Action/Adventure Game Coming To PC, Gets Release Date And Playable Demo

Candle Knight is a 2.5D action adventure game in which players take control of an enchanted candle holder in an abandoned castle where an enigmatic threat has taken over. Uncover the secrets behind the castle’s downfall, and fight back against the darkness using the candle knight’s flame.

The castle lies dead and dormant. It’s forgotten and abandoned walls once held so much life and happiness. What could have caused such downfall? Inside, a small candle holder comes to life. Explore the remains of a castle, discover the fates of its inhabitants and solve the mystery surrounding your life.

Wield your flame to overcome menacing creatures lurking in the shadows of a ruined castle and use the dynamic difficulty system to your advantage.

Candle Knight recently won a qualifier spot at the prestigious Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC) as the competition moves to its sixth season. The win was announced recently during the BIG Festival in Brazil and the sixth season of NGDC Grand Finals will be held in November.

“When I heard that Candle Knight won the Contest, I was blown away. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the effort our team had put into the project and the road it had traveled. This moment marks a huge milestone for our game and supports all the love and hard work that we hope all the players can feel.”  – says André Torres, Special Effects director at Dracma Studios.

Interested fans can check out a playable Candle Knight demo on Steam.

Key Features:

  • FIGHT AGAINST THE DARKNESS WITH YOUR FIRE: Wield flame to battle mysterious foes that await you in every corner, burn your light brighter by learning new abilities as you valiantly fight back the dark and use them to your favor in combat or to find new secrets in the castle’s halls.
  • A DYNAMIC IN-GAME DIFFICULTY SYSTEM: Use the ignis adaptable difficulty system to your advantage to move quicker and deal increased damage to your foes, but beware, as they also become more dangerous to confront.
  • SOLVE MYSTERIES INSIDE SURREAL PAINTINGS: Enter mysterious paintings that lead to a surreal, unexplored world of wonders and discover the secrets that lie inside their canvases.
  • 2.5D PLATFORMING ACTION: Challenging platforming sections filled with traps and enemies. Traverse through the enchanted libraries, the breathtaking balconies and the perilous armory of the castle.
  • STUNNING VISUALS AND CHARACTERS: Explore the breathtaking vistas in the castle’s various environments and find unique characters spread throughout the castle to understand the mysteries of the surreal world around you.
  • BRING BACK THE LIGHT: Play as an enchanted candle holder trying to restore the light to its home, an abandoned castle in this surreal, gothic world. Does your flame represent hope, or will it bring nothing but destruction?

Candle Knight will officially release for PC (Steam) on January 20, 2023.

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