Will Twitch Ban Major Gambling Sites? Answered

With a lot of controversy surrounding Twitch in the past few months, the current highlight is their recent ban on gambling on the platform. To address some of this recent drama, Twitch will disallow streamers to show major gambling sites on their streams starting October 18. While sports betting, fantasy sports and poker are still allowed, many other forms of gambling are banned for the time being. Continue reading to find a comprehensive explanation of the situation, including whether Twitch will ban major gambling sites and other recent updates.

Will Twitch Ban Major Gambling Sites? Answered

Twitch Major Gambling Sites

According to Twitch’s official statement on the matter on September 20, the popular streaming platform plans to ban the showing of “slots, roulette and dice games that are not licensed in the US and other jurisdictions.” Furthermore, in this initial statement, they specify that sites such as Stake, Rollbit, Duelbits and Roobet are among the list of banned sites that content creators are not allowed to show on stream. They also specify that while these sites are on the list, they may not be the only ones, and Twitch may add to the list as they continue updating their policies. Even if you’re unfamiliar with gambling and gambling content on Twitch, you may recognize a couple of these sites due to their sheer size.

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There’s no doubt that will cause a massive shift in what content viewers watch and the futures of streamers who actively broadcast this content. There are currently around 40,000 viewers watching Slots streamers with thousands watching other gambling-related content that will be banned in less than a month. How exactly the streaming environment will change, only time will tell. However, the effects on related sponsorships and advertising will certainly drive some streamers to explore vastly different content or leave entirely.

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