Why The Action In Naruto Looks So Good

Both Kishimoto’s manga series and its subsequent anime adaptation, while sporting 1001 branching storylines that connect seamlessly somewhere down the line, find its way back to Naruto, the titular hero of the franchise. Yes, there is a lot going on in the background: every character has a distinct and fleshed out backstory, the political implications of strategic shinobi alliances are ever-shifting, and there is a world war that everyone is forced to participate in. However, everything connects back to our beloved Nine-Tailed jinchūriki, who, despite having matured into a powerful shinobi, still retains his classic silliness that makes him the endearing character he is. 

Kishimoto talked about Naruto’s appeal in the Los Angeles interview, saying that the reason why the character is so universally loved is that everyone can relate to him. However, he also added that Naruto’s character was inspired by his own personal experiences at school, and “based on [his] self-image of [his] own childhood, but different from how [he] really was.” While Kishimoto described himself as a “poor student” who gave up easily, he infused Naruto with traits that were completely opposite — a knuckleheaded boy who fails at school, but makes up for his imperfections with unending drive and optimism. 

Naruto is not considered a cool kid (unlike his rival Sasuke, who is both adored and abhorred by many), as he is considered a “loser” for failing his tests and his troublemaking nature. However, his arc from a somewhat-stupid, lonely boy to a powerful, mature, reliable shinobi worthy of respect is an incredibly uplifting one, which is probably the reason why manga readers and anime viewers revisit his story time and again. Thus, the tale of Naruto Uzumaki lives on.

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