Why I don’t know how to play violent video games Readers feature Feature of the game: Why I can’t play violent game more

Call of Duty Warzone there’s some shooting (photo: Activision)

A reader thinks the issue is that he doesn’t like violent games like Call Of Duty now, and thinks it has to be because he’s now a father.

At 34 years old, I don’t like to think I’m very old, but I have two pretty twins, and I can’t play video games, you can see the same as the one who plays it at the moment. The younger they become, the more often I tend to be. As soon as I’ve gotten back into play, I’ve found something strange about things like this – I just just don’t like sports like my usual way of life. Or at least the really violent ones.

Most video games involve violence of any kind, though the options for games that aren’t all that slow over the years have gone, with the rise of the indie gaming and the number of different people being involved in the game more than 10 or 20 years ago. Youd barely know that in spite of the major publishers, this is an issue for a different feature.

I had a pretty average taste when I played games. I played FIFA and Call of Duty, but also many major franchises like Assassins Creed and Battlefield, but I consider myself pretty open-minded and would also play Telltale games and whatever the indie title caught my eye.

Given that it was limited time at the moment, the only one that I decided to return to was Call Of Duty: Warzone, since it was free, but also something I know about. I downloaded and played this game, and it is evidently a good game, but something went unnoticed. The entire game is toy soldiers. But suddenly, the idea of endless killing and killing people had no longer received the appeal it once did.

Warzone is a realistic game, even if the gameplay is too much, and basically you are merely trying to bully people. There isn’t really a lot of blood, but this doesn’t really matter, the marketing point is that pretending to kill people is fun and that’s what Warzone aims to provide.

Don’t worry, I won’t be getting a call to ban this sick filth but for me personally. I have a new light: It’s not as bad as it sounds. So many games are about this basic premise. Killing people is fun, so let’s look at how many inventive and interesting ways we can provide you for this.

And they’re really people too, and as of today, millions of other people all enthusiastically attempted to fire in the face. I want to say that its all in great fun, but as long as people are all playing Warzone or any game similar, people come across as very angry constantly. It’s why nobody utters voice chat anymore. Cheating is also epidemic, at least in Warzone, suggesting that the majority of people who play are not interested in playing in a suitable manner.

However, it is not just Warzone. And you know what? I should not play a bleak post-apocalyptic tale about a depressed middle-aged boy making too much parenting decisions.

The problem is that, with this problem, I don’t know what I need. I love playing games, but some virtual bloodbaths don’t have the appeal that they once do. It is not like pacifist in real life that games where youre on the offensive, where all the damage is to fighting and everything else, have lost their charm.

I imagine something more fantastical, like Elden Ring, maybe, would still be something I enjoyed, but I have no time for playing that. Zelda: Tears Of the Kingdom is probably the same problem, but at least I can’t take that together.

I would rather hate to be a ghost. I have enough of this now in the news alone.

By writer, Ross.

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