Where To Find The Graven-School Talisman

One of the best ways to customize your build in Elden Ring revolves around the use of Talismans. You start the game with one Talisman slot, and by the end, you’re able to equip four different ones, allowing you to fully flesh out the build of your choice.

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The Graven-School Talisman is a must for aspiring sorcerers as it offers a +4% increase in the potency of sorceries. 4% might not seem like much, but that extra bit of damage can make the difference between victory and defeat.


Travel To Raya Lucaria Academy

Specifically, you want to fast-travel to the Debate Parlor site of grace. This was the location of the Red Wolf of Radagon boss fight. From the site of grace, head out the exit on the west end of the room, back into the Academy proper.

Be careful of the enemies patrolling this area. One is lurking on the left staircase, and a few more can easily be aggroed from the floor below.

At the top of the two sets of stairs (and facing the stairs), look to the north (your right). You’ll find two bookcases. Striking the leftmost bookcase will reveal it as an illusion, revealing a dark passage beyond. You might want a torch or hip lantern for the next part of this journey, as the lighting is pretty dim.

Head down the passage and into the library room beyond. The Graven-School Talisman isn’t in this room, but you’ll want to loot it before you continue. In the chest across the room, you’ll find the Comet sorcery, a solid spell to add to your repertoire. Behind the chest, you’ll spot an altar. Behind the altar, loot the corpse to acquire an invaluable Stonesword Key.

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Now, head back toward the entrance to the room. You’ll spot a ladder to the right of the door. Begin your climb to the next floor. This might seem like a dead-end—especially if you’re fumbling around in the dark—but head to the east end of the room and leap over the railing. You’ll find a space on the other side. On the north end of this space, there’s a hole in the wood paneling. Drop down to the floor below.

You’ll now be in a secret passage, hidden behind the wall of the previous room. Follow this secret passage to the south end until you fall through another hole.

This will land you in a hauntingly beautiful room with massive crystal growth at the far end of the chamber. The glowing item nestled among the crystals is, in fact, the Graven-School Talisman.

This room is full of small Living Jars. Be ready for them to swarm you.

To exit the room, head out through the closed door on the western side of the room. This will lead you right into a group of four Raya Lucaria sorcerers and one large Living Jar.

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