Where to Find 10 Dev Logs on Artificial Island

Want to know where to find 10 Dev Logs on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy? Endless traveling around the Tower of Fantasy world will give you unforgettable emotions. This world prepared for you many quests, monsters, and mysteries that you have to solve. But it’s time to think a little about rest and how to build a place where you can always return. The new patch 1.5 in Tower of Fantasy brought several new features to the game, including the possibility to acquire your own house or even an entire village. To do this, you must meet several requirements. For one of the quests, you must find 10 Dev Logs on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy, and our guide is here to help you with this.

Where to Find 10 Dev Logs on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

As we said, you must go to Artificial Island to build your house in the Tower of Fantasy. Here you must fulfill several requirements and then look for a lot of material for construction, but first things first. First of all, you have to find 10 Dev Logs on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy, and here is where you can do it:

  • Head to Base Zero. Look for the first Dev Log in the grass near the path on the east side of the spaceport.
  • Go to Mine Base. On the brown ground near the rusty truck is the second Dev Log.
  • You can find the third Dev Log by visiting the Rusty Iron Camp. Climb to the top of the spaceship and look for the desired item near the letter A.
  • Near Base Zero lies the fourth Dev Log under a large tree in the grass. Look north of Base Zero and west of the plane.
  • Head west to find the fifth one on pillar 5 Area.


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  • Keep moving west. When you see three large pillars, pay attention to the gray rock. Look for the sixth Dev Log under a rock near the water.
  • Next, you should go southwest to find a small camp. Climb up the metal ramp to get the seventh Dev Log.
  • Next, you must head northwest from Base Zero and follow the path along the space rift. Soon you will find Dev Log in the middle of the road.
  • Go north from the previous location to the large complex and the blue barrier. Go down to the wooden platform and look for the ninth Dev Log next to the wooden crates.
  • Go east of the Mine Base. Look for a small stone to destroy it, after which you will see a red portal. Go to the portal and find the tenth Dev Log on the northern part of the platform.

Once you get all 10 Dev Logs in Tower of Fantasy, you should also level up to 60 and get 840 Exploration Points in the Artificial Island region. All this will help you unlock the Home System in Tower of Fantasy, and you can start building a house.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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