What We Want to See in Genshin Impact’s Anime

HoYoverse recently announced during the 3.1 update that Genshin Impact will be receiving its own anime, which has led to quite the excitement within the community, though there are still many unanswered questions. It was confirmed that the studio that will be undertaking the project is none other than Ufotable, the Japanese animators behind Demon Slayer, Fate/Zero, and God Eater. This information was generally well-received, as the studio is known for its well-produced series over the past decade.


It would seem that the bar is already high in terms of animation, world-building, storytelling, and character design. It’s clear that the developer behind Genshin Impact understands how popular its open-world title has become, and it always seemed to be more of a question of “when” the game would be receiving its own television adaptation, rather than “if.” It’s hard to imagine that the show would be unsuccessful, especially if the writers consider the elements that fans already love and would like to see from the anime.

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Genshin Impact Has the Key to Success

Keeping the same voice actors – A few fans are making it known that they are hoping the open-world RPG will maintain its in-game voice actors, as they’ve already grown attached to the voices behind the beloved characters. It would be hard to imagine anyone other than Shun Horie as the Japanese voice actor, or Zach Aguilar in English, as the heart behind Aether. After all, some have already spent at least two years mastering their characters.

There have been quite a few comments on Twitter about famous American actors voicing the cast, though most of these posts are simply poking fun at the idea. The internet did go a bit wild after it was revealed Chris Pratt would be voicing the short and pudgy Italian plumber Mario in the upcoming Super Mario Movie, but Genshin Impact could avoid a lot of controversy by using the game’s actors for the anime.

Being faithful to the mangaGenshin Impact’s manga may not be as well known as the game, but it certainly doesn’t disappoint in terms of revealing lore and having beautiful illustrations. The anime is expected to be set during the events that see The Travelers enter Teyvat, as Lumine and Aether are both in the teaser trailer. The manga, which can be accessed on the official Website and on Webtoon, currently has 16 chapters that take place sometime before the game’s main story.

The manga focuses on a few specific characters, giving its readers background on Diluc, Kaeya, and Vennessa. It also details how the Fatui were involved with colluding against Mondstadt along with the corruption that existed among the Knights of Favonius. It might be interesting to see some of those backstories tie into the anime, perhaps seen via flashback or in some other way that still affects the plot in the anime, either directly or indirectly.

Exploring each region and the creatures that live there – Just like in Genshin Impact, being able to see how citizens interact in Inazuma versus Liyue could be quite fun. It might even play out a bit like the Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon, as Aang and his friends, venture to and from different nations and are able to observe the vast cultural differences.

Arguably, one of the best parts of the anime would be getting to see the different types of animals and creatures that live in these regions. For some, the adorable forest spirits from Sumeru called the Aranara are at the top of the list to see recreated in Ufotable’s animation style.

Creative liberties – It’s always interesting to see plot twists that the audience might not have ever expected. While taking too many creative liberties in an adaptation can often go south, there are also times that such decisions truly pay off. Most of Genshin Impact’s game isn’t about the storytelling anyhow, as the focus is usually on exploration. HoYoverse has the opportunity to really delve into various stories that don’t necessarily need to overlap with the game’s storyline.

It’s currently unknown when the Genshin Impact anime will be released, though it’s probably well funded, as many players have jokingly stated they single-handedly funded the anime with their banner bulls. It’s fair to say that HoYoverse will likely spare no expense to make sure their anime is enjoyed and in the meantime, users can look forward to playing the Genshin Impact 3.1 update.

Genshin Impact is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5 with a Switch version also in development.

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