What is the best Deoxys Forme in Pokémon Go? Answered

Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes, but in the case of Deoxys, this is even more so true. Deoxys is available in four different Formes: Attack, Defense, Speed, and Normal. This Pokémon has been obtainable in Pokémon Go since 2018 through EX Raids, but it has since then been available to battle in Five-Star Raids.

Since there are four Deoxys Formes, players may want to seek out the best one. To determine which one is most useful in combat, it would be helpful to first decide your strategic needs. Here are the best Deoxys Formes for both attacking and defending.

Best Deoxys Forme for attacking

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When attacking, it would be advised to stick with using Deoxys Attack Forme due to its high — you guessed it — Attack stat. This gives players the ability to deal a heavy punch to the opposing Pokémon, though it would also be prudent to keep in mind that Deoxys Attack has a relatively low Defense stat. While it’s beating away at its opponents, Deoxys Attack will take heavy damage and will likely faint pretty early on in the battle. Players will want to use Zen Headbutt (Psychic-type) for the best Quick Attack, with the best Charged Attack being Psycho Boost (Psychic-type).

  • Attack: 345
  • Defense: 115
  • Stamina: 137

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Best Deoxys Forme for defending

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For defending, players would be wise to use the Deoxys Defense Forme to stave off enemy blows. Deoxys Defense is not much of a looker and doesn’t have much going for it in the way of Attack and Stamina, but it should be sufficient to keep the opposing Pokémon busy whittling down its health. Players looking to choose the best Quick Attack should lean towards using Zen Headbutt (Psychic-type), with the best Charged Attack for Deoxys Defense being Psycho Boost (Psychic-type).

  • Attack: 144
  • Defense: 330
  • Stamina: 137

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