What is an Ultra Wormhole in Pokemon Go?

Ultra Wormholes have started to appear around the world in Pokemon Go leaving some trainers confused about what they are and which Pokemon they can battle by visiting one.

While Legendaries and Mythicals have been around in Pokemon Go for a while now, Ultra Beasts are a relatively new phenomenon in the mobile game, with only six of them available to encounter so far.

Ultra Beasts are just as powerful as Legendaries and could really shake up the Go Battle League meta, so when you spot an Ultra Wormhole you’ll want to know exactly how they work is so you can catch one!


What are Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon Go?

Ultra Wormholes are portals that appear at Gyms in Pokemon Go and allow Ultra Beasts to travel into our world. They’re pretty much the same as Raid Eggs but will always lead to an Ultra Beast encounter.

You can find Ultra Wormholes by visiting the Nearby menu and looking out for the portal symbol. When the timer ends, whichever Ultra Beast is featured in the Raid Boss schedule will appear in its place.

In terms of their history in the franchise, Ultra Wormholes first appeared in Pokemon Sun & Moon on the Nintendo 3DS, where they allowed Ultra Beasts to travel from Ultra Space to the Alola region.

Which Ultra Beasts can appear in an Ultra Wormhole?

So far there are six Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Go: Nihilego, Pheromosa, Buzzwole, and Xurkitree first appeared during Pokemon Go Fest 2022, while Celesteela and Kartana debuted in September 2022.

Ultra Beasts only stick around for a limited time so there won’t always be one to encounter. You can check out our Raid Boss schedule to see if there are any available right now.

Ultra Beasts appearing in Pokemon GoNiantic

How to catch an Ultra Beast in Pokemon Go

Once you’ve found an Ultra Wormhole and an Ultra Beast has emerged from it, it’s time to battle! Just like with Legendaries, you’ll need a strong team and multiple trainers to team up with if you want to win.

When you’ve defeated an Ultra Beast, you’ll be given a limited amount of Ultra Balls to throw. It’s never guaranteed that you’ll catch one, but you can use Excellent Curveballs and Silver Pinap Berries to help.

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