What Anime’s Greatest Earth Benders All Have in Common

From Black Clover to Fairy Tail, popular shonen anime often feature a powerful user who can shake the earth. Earth benders are individuals who strike hard and are as unmovable as a mountain. These users come across as stern, but deep down they are gentle giants with a soft spot for their allies.

That said, earth benders have more in common than their terrifying techniques. They are masters at their crafts who spent years training to sharpen their senses and remain calm and collected in battle.

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Anime’s Earth Benders Are Gentle Giants on the Inside

Earth benders in anime tend to be physically the largest among their allies. They’ve developed their muscles and enhanced their strength from years of vigorous training. Despite their size, however, the earth bender is a gentle soul. Outside the battlefield, they are gentle giants and aware of their size, and don’t intentionally try to harm others. Gyomei Himejima from Demon Slayer is the tallest and strongest of the hashira, but he is often seen crying and is sympathetic to the weak.

Diane from the Seven Deadly Sins hails from the giant race. She is often self-conscious of her large stature and wants to fit in with her friends. People often fear her as a giant and try to steer away from her, but Diane is a kind soul. She is protective of the other Sins and does all she can to ensure their safety. Diane may be gentle, but she is a fierce warrior in battle who shakes the earth with her magic.

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Anime’s Earth Benders Are Calm and Collected

Unlike some of their hot-headed companions, earth benders can keep their composure and don’t act on impulse when faced with conflict. They may be one of the most experienced in the group and fall into an unofficial leader-type role. Gaara from Naruto acts as the Kazekage for the Village Hidden in the Sand. He is serious and stern, remaining unaffected by the tensions of battle.

Jura Neekis from Fairy Tail has earned the title of Iron Rock Jura for his impressive earth magic and accomplishments as a mage. Jura is down-to-earth and humble, never boasting about his strength, and that modesty and humility have earned him great respect from members of his guild and the magic community. Having ascended to the Wizard Saints and become one of the world’s top mages, Jura isn’t one to be underestimated.

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Anime’s Earth Benders Have Uniquely Strong Senses

Anime’s earth benders are one with the earth they walk on, and each of their five senses has sharpened through extensive training. This training has allowed the earth bender to rely on more than their eyesight in the heat of battle and to detect approaching enemies in other ways. Though relatively young and inexperienced, Sol Maron from Black Clover has carefully reinforced her magical abilities through Mereoleona’s harsh training.

Toph Beifong from Avatar: The Last Airbender doesn’t let her blindness hinder her. From walking around barefoot and learning how to maneuver without her sense of eyesight, her other senses are more acute than the average person’s. Toph became one of the strongest earth benders in the series once she eventually discovered metal bending. Her opponents often underestimate her, but Toph’s ability to “see” the earth’s vibrations led her to create her own unique and powerful style of earth bending.

Anime’s greatest earth benders manipulate the earth in various ways, making their technique strong and unpredictable. They may seem calm and collected on the outside, but their heightened senses and battle experience make them frightening foes to face.

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