Turnip Boy Is Transcending Tax Evasion, Will Rob A Bank Next Year

They gave him a gun. They gave the freakin’ turnip a piece. Evolution is real. Turnip Boy is elevating his crimes.

As somebody that recently finished the main story of Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, I found myself wanting more. Not that there wasn’t enough content in the game, there’s post-game content as well. I just mean that I wanted to see Turnip Boy return to his roots (hehehehehehe) in the crime world.

Thankfully, my prayers were answered. The gaming gods heard my prayers, descended from the high gamer heavens, kissed me on the forehead, slapped my ass, and sent me a YouTube link. This right here is that link.

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank is the direct sequel of the 2020 hit Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, and consists of exactly what you think it does. In the sequel, Turnip Boy teams up with the crime-loving Pickled Gang to ‘plan and execute the weirdest heist of all time’.

As Turnip Boy, you’ll be bank robbing, dark web browsing, and sharp-shooting. That’s right, shooting. Because while Turnip Boy still keeps his plant sword in tow, he will also keep that MFin’ thang on him. If you doubted the roguelite energy of Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, you definitely won’t with Turnip Boy Robs a Bank.

turnip boy robs a bank
Image: Graffiti Games

You’ll notice from the screenshot above that there has also been a slight change to the character portraits during dialogue. Rather than being smooth drawings like in the original, Turnip Boy Robs a Bank goes for a more pixel-art approach to better match the pixel-art design of the whole game. I like this. It’s good to me.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion was notably clever in its references to pop culture, with the achievement ‘Simp’ being collected if you give a ‘Tier 3 Sub’, which was really just a sub sandwich, to a female streamer called ‘slayQueen32’ in the game. Very silly and goofy, but well done regardless.

We see in the ‘dark web’ section of the game from this screenshot that as well as being able to buy tools necessary in successfully robbing a bank, there is also a listing for slayQueen32’s Bath Water. Sadly, it seems to be sold out.

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank will be released in 2023 for PC and Xbox, and is now available to wishlist on Steam.

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