Trump remains quiet about Queen’s funeral after failing to get invited

Former President Donald Trump has spent the past twelve hours on Truth Social railing against electric cars, the FBI, “fake news” and patting himself on the back after a recent rally, but Queen Elizabeth’s funeral apparently isn’t on his mind.

As of Monday afternoon, Mr Trump hasn’t made any mention of the queen’s funeral. While there is no obligation for him to do so, staying quiet is unusual as he is a former head of state.

On Monday, former President Barack Obama issued a statement calling the queen “kind” and “no-nonsense” with a “clear understanding of her role as a symbol for a nation.”

Notably, it appears Mr Obama only made a statement regarding the queen’s funeral. Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and Jimmy Carter made statements on 8 September following the queen’s death. Mr Trump also released a statement on the same day.

On his Truth Social platform, he said: “What a grand a beautiful lady she was — there was nobody like her.” He also offered his “sincere condolences” to her loved ones.

“May God bless the Queen, may she reign forever in our hearts, and may God hold her and Prince Philip in abiding care,” he said.

Former First Lady Melania Trump, however, did issue a statement on Twitter honoring the queen.

“We are grateful for your strength, grace, and dedication for over seven decades. I will always treasure the time we spent together,” she wrote.

Historically, it isn’t unheard of for current presidents to take their predecessors with them to the funerals of heads of state or other significant individuals.

When Pope John Paul II died, Mr Bush took his father, former President George HW Bush and Mr Clinton with him to the funeral. Mr Obama did the same, taking Mr Bush with him on Air Force One to the funeral of Nelson Mandela. That funeral was also attended by Mr Clinton and Mr Carter, though they flew in separately.

However, Joe Biden not taking Mr Trump with him to the funeral isn’t a snub. According to the White House, Mr Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were the only ones who were invited. They were told by British authorities that they would not be cleared to bring an American delegation with them, according to Lewis Lukens, a former deputy chief of mission of the US Embassy in London.

He told USA Today that the delegation was denied because of a “high demand” for seats at the funeral.

Despite not being invited to the funeral, Mr Trump was invited — as were the other living former presidents — to attend a remembrance service for the queen in Washington DC. That event will be held on 21 September and is being put on by the British Embassy at the Washington National Cathedral.

So far, none of the former presidents have confirmed their attendance to the event.

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