This High-Protein Cat Food from PetSmart is a Game Changer

It feels like gut health is such a hot topic. Everyone is taking some special supplement or juicing some concoction. If everyone is so concerned about our digestion, shouldn’t the same concern be applied to feline friends? Nul0 MedalSeries cat food is here to help keep your kitty at their healthiest, and is available at your local PetSmart. These nutrient-dense and high-protein dry foods are designed to help your kitty’s digestion so she can pounce and play at every age.

Created specifically with the indoor cat lifestyle in mind, this turkey and chicken recipe delivers key nutrients while keeping your cat lean. The formula contains 80% animal-based proteins, is grain-free, and has probiotics to support digestion.

If your kitty suffers from hairballs, then this could be the answer to your prayers. Packed full of proteins and nutrient-rich foods like sweet potatoes and chickpeas, this recipe also boasts Miscanthus Grass to help hairballs move smoothly through your cat’s digestive system.

Much like humans, some felines have finicky tummies that require simpler diets. This limited ingredient recipe sticks close to nature with protein-rich white fish and wholesome ingredients like green lentils. Kitties and young-at-heart adult cats will love this!

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