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We ought to celebrate the events as soon as they come; so let’s stick it: PC Games is 30 years old and many of us in the editorial team have been on board since the first issue of 10/92, some even if we’re on the line. That’s why we want to celebrate these 30-years of gaming history in this series of articles. We experience the most exciting time of the past 30 years. From the beginning of the magazine to today, our focus is on the play. Hence, the editor began to grab the years with which he associates special memories the first game ever, imagining love for the genre, first attempts at online or multiplayer, first contact with the favorite series. It’s completed with eighth part of 30 years for thirty games, which covers the years 2013 to 2015. A good hunt!

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It is the last thirty years and thirty games that we have played here.

2013: Passport – Handrails, stunt-making masterpiece, and pure heavy metal.

Christian Fussy was founded in 1595.

The most important titles of the year, the most important titles of all.

Bioshock ExileBesik of the plc GameStarcraft 2: Heart of the FireDeath 2Battlefield 4Rogue Legacy-Tomb RaiderThe Walking Dead season 2Saints Row 4SpelunkyMatheatreySavageMade to reclaim the plcs the greatest of the plcsh.

In the end, when inventor Michel Ancel left the games industry, the continuation of the Rayman series was completely ruined.

Compared to game series like Far Cry or Assassins Creed or even spin-off Raving Rabbids, the former company mascot publisher Ubisoft just wasn’t successful financially enough. The platformer Rayman Legends, released in 2013, will thus probably remain the last one of the most popular games of the jump-and-reach icon.

The Guardian of Metal Ozzy Osbourne is in Brutal Legend. The original version of the game has a bittersweet farewell in the highest rated degree, because the game represents one, if not the definitive, section of the genre. With a high quality finish, a thick, easy design, a modern, comfortable game design, Legends puts Super Mario in the shade in the 2D area.

Especially the music levels that the musicians beat in well-known rock and pop classics are jumped up at, have always put a grudge on my face. Because the music is not only original, but atypical interpretations fit the respective tastes of the levels.

Speaking of music and outstanding background: In 2013, Brutal Legend was finally released on PC. Unfortunately, not enough shipments were used to justify the sequel. Since gameplay was a bit of a dark, the open game didn’t offer a large variety, although the audiovisual part was quite fat.

You’re thirsty, scolding bosses and chaotic co-op. What more would you like? Source: Games PCS The art direction makes every landscape shot look like a record cover, the licensed soundtrack is massive and even the voice of the viewer screams literally and literally.

In addition to Jack Black and Jennifer Hale, and Tim Curry, perfectly cast as the sadistic demon Doviculus, rock legends such as Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Halford can also be heard in supporting roles. The fact that the humor was too thick for me to feel like it didn’t bother me anymore, since the passion that lacked doubt, was simply a contagious thing.

The indie titles of the year proved their different forms of video games. The Walking Dead is coming back as a virtual playbook, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, is a great example of performance, The Stanley Parable does a hard exploration of medium agency in general and Papers, Please does simulated bureaucracy to the ethical dilemma.

PC games also popular with readers.

Return to Monkey Island | REVIEWS | The ghosts can test without spoilers!, GTA 6: The results of the first confirmed leaks and much more. the most popular video of the day: the more popular videos!

This article shows the 10 most watched videos of the day. I’ve been wanting to hear about a different game.

Bloodline: The Great Knights of Lithas: The modern G2P RPG with a furious fight with a rich body of power, and the enraged character of a variety of warriors!

Commander powerful guerrillas, combat a city, and restructure a city, and create generations of new heroes: this Bloodline is one of Lithuania’s most famous heroes.

The latter, with his bilious humor and mature setting, contrasts well with the superficial moral systems and the clumsy heroic fantasies of other games. Lucas Popes indie hit may not only be challenging in terms of subjects, but also still inspire and surprisingly entertaining.

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