These are the upcoming Warhammer games I’m adding to my wishlist

Games Workshop earned £25 million from videogames in 2021, so don’t expect it to stop licensing out its properties anytime soon. Apparently it’s got “12 unreleased games in development and four new licences were signed in the year.” Not all of those will come to PC of course, with a handful of mobile games like Total War Battles: Warhammer (being made by NetEase, co-developer of Diablo Immortal) in the works. Still, even if you’re only looking at the ones on PC, there are enough that keeping track of them can be a hassle.

The advantage of the high number of Warhammer games being green-lit at the moment is that the developers making them span a wide variety of genres. We’re finally getting a Warhammer CRPG, and there’s a 2D platformer and a boomer shooter on the way. We can only hope a city-builder and an immersive sim aren’t far off.

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