The Only ‘Destiny 2’ Plunder Weapon You Need To Craft

I have been working my way through Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder with my usual year 5 goal of being able to craft all the seasonal weapons. I’m currently at 4 out of 6 completed, but after using all the weapons a good amount, I’m going to go ahead and say there’s really only one main one you need to concern yourself with.

Brigand’s Law. And more specifically, a Voltshot Brigand’s Law.

This is the new full auto arc sidearm that is one of a few weapons with the new perk Voltshot, which also comes on the scout rifle and the linear fusion. While it can be good on the scout, Joltshot is insane for the sidearm as a mob-clearing tool, as that also puts you in melee range for the Right Hook origin trait.

Voltshot makes last year’s hot Solar 3.0 perk, Incandescent, look tame by comparison. The perk is that after a reload, your next shot will jolt enemies. Shoot that enemy and you create chain lightning to everything around it, and in anything but the highest level of content, that means a whole lot of instantly fried enemies.

I don’t know if I have ever seen a faster mob clearing legendary weapon before. Recluse shredded, sure, but it had no AOE. Volatile rounds on Funnelweb, Recluse’s successor, require an external fragment so it’s not consistent. And while I still love Incandescent on my Drang and Mini-Tool, I have to believe that Voltshot takes it, and my god roll Brigand’s Law is one of the most insane legendary weapons I think I’ve ever used.

My roll is: Chambered Compensator, Flared Magwell, Enhanced Feeding Frenzy and Enhanced Voltshot, with a Range masterwork.

Enhanced Feeding Frenzy just further boosts the reload speed bonus you get, and it’s my favorite first perk, even though no, FF does not trigger on the jolt chain lightning kills themselves. You’ll still have enough kills to make it work, however.

Enhanced Voltshot extends the timer on Voltshot giving you more time to find your next target. I don’t think it comes with a base damage increase to the jolt like enhanced Incandescent does, but I mean, I think it’s probably still worth it, if you can afford it. Plus, that gold border!

When you’re running this, make sure you have on the fragment Spark of Ions, where defeating a jolted target creates an Ionic Trace. This season, you can also have the class mod Trace Evidence, where defeating any arc debuffed enemy creates an ionic trace. I think that does double up with Ions, which has a cooldown.

I am currently running it on my Titan, though it can also be great on Hunter who is also up close and personal in Arc 3.0. It’s easily the most fun I’ve had with any weapon this season, and I cannot recommend getting at least a Voltshot roll, and crafting a perfect one, if you can.

How to do that? I wrote a whole guide about how I’m trying to speedrun pattern acquisition for Plunder weapons here you can read, though the only thing I’d change is that if this is the one gun you want, do target focus for it to get those red frames faster.

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