The one-and-done villains of Naruto that nobody remembers


Written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto is the heart and soul of all anime lovers. Having nearly a thousand episodes, the manga series has earned a lot of love from its viewers, becoming one of the must-watch anime series, especially for beginners. Naruto has not only been loved for its hero but also for some of its legendary villains. While some of the series’ villains became popular, some of them also remained buried and forgotten for one reason or another. Some of these villains are listed below who failed to make themselves worth remembering among the audience.

1- Kakuzu

Making his appearance as the Akatsuki member and the rogue ninja from a village hidden in the waterfall, Kakuzu never made it to the list of the memorable villains of the manga series. And one can bet on the fact that most of the fans don’t even remember his name.

2- Tobi

Obito Uchiha, alias Tobi was a memorable villain as long as he was behind his mask. As soon as he was revealed to be Obito, nobody recalled him for him being Tobi. Because of this, Tobi has now become one of the most disregardable villains of the series.

3- Kabuto Yakushi

The villain turned anti-hero Kabuto Yakushi, even after playing the role of major antagonist, has still somehow remained in the impermanence in the whole series and mind of the viewers because of his not so prior villain moments.

4- Team Dosu

The Sound village ninjas, also officially known as Team Dosu, led by Dosu Kinuta, is also one of the most forgettable villains of the anime series because of its minimal contribution to the arc and not-so-memorable fights and actions.

5- Mizuki

Chunin of Konohagakure and a former instructor at the Academy, Mizuki is also the most suppressed antagonist of the series. His time in the series was very limited, causing him to be the one-and-done villain of series.

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