The Most Overpowered Video Game Bosses Ever

The ideal video game boss challenges you with the skills you picked during the game. It’s a showcase of precise attacks, dodges, and timing, but you usually need to be prepared for anything. Strong bosses seem like a difficult test you must pass to prove your worth, even though it doesn’t need to be part of the story. This is more like a medal of honour. With overpowered bosses though, the picture is quite different.

Even though there are a lot of brutal video game bosses, some hold greater significance than others and are more than satisfying to beat. From the looks of it, this list would have been filled with just Dark Souls/Bloodborne/Sekiro bosses considering how incredibly overpowered most regular enemies, let alone bosses are in those games.

But to keep things more streamlined and diverse, we tried to keep a good variety by covering more franchises. Here are our top picks for the most overpowered video game bosses ever!

Kai Leng (Mass Effect 3)

Kai Leng wouldn’t even come close to some of the other entries on this list, but often the toughest bosses are those who change the pace and bring a totally different field to the game. In Kai Leng’s case, you might be pushing through heaps of enemies for cover.

But as you encounter this powerful ninja assassin you will come to understand how important level design in a boss fight really is. Using the level advantages here is a must!

This ninja hits quite hard but like many bosses in video games, he attacks with the aid of various robotic soldiers. You really didn’t think it was going to be fair, did you? After all, you are the legendary commander Shepard! Each time you get hit you need to get back to cover so that you can heal or reload.

Your companions won’t help you enough here and even with normal difficulty, the whole fight is really tough. Prepare to shoot as accurately as you can if you want to pass this one.

Senator Armstrong (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

Many people do not consider Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance as a real Metal Gear game, but face it – it is a great game set in the same universe as the other games in the franchise. Even so, Revengeance falls in a totally different genre, leaning towards hack’n’slash.

Featuring a lot of heated and fast-paced battles, the game faces you versus a huge tank at the end of the game. After defeating it, you are surprised with another final boss – a politician called Senator Armstrong, who is probably the most uncommon boss for a video game.

On higher difficulties, Armstrong will absolutely tear you apart. He has a huge arsenal of attacks that even the most seasoned gamers will find difficult. He is a brute and the battle is intense and unforgiving, leaving you little to no room for mistakes. Up until this moment, the game presents itself as quite harmless, but here you have to push as much as you can. Be prepared as you won’t last very long here!

Gwyn, Lord of Cynder(Dark Souls)

Now we venture into something that is probably expected on this list. A boss from the first instalment of Dark Souls. This thrilling final counter is one of the most remembered boss battles in the whole series. In order to encounter this boss, you must travel to the realm of Kiln of the First Flame.

You must really get ready for the fight of your life! Gwyn is a true test of whether you learned how to roll, parry, and be patient with your attacks. The series is full of punishing moments that teach you to be absolutely precise. And this boss is exactly that. Any mistake you do is going to cost you dearly. A challenging battle, but you can bet that it is the most satisfying in the game as well!

Demon of Hatred (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice)

Sekiro is most notably known for being a really difficult game. This Souls-like action game plays like a Dark Souls game but with much more finesse and a whole bunch of designs and mechanics giving it a completely different look. The game in its entirety is splendid, but the Demon of Hatred is notably one of the most overpowered bosses you can encounter in any game.

The Demon of Hatred has everything, from speed to attacks to sheer size. This boss battle is really going to challenge your skills. With just a couple of hits, this boss can and will take you out. If you find yourself in need of help, make sure you upgrade the Finger Whistle, as it is essential for this fight!

Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts 2)

The Kingdom Hearts series might be a fun adventure game with animated Disney characters but the game is as action-packed as any other in this genre and its boss fights are tough as well.

Speaking of bosses, Sephiroth’s appearance in Final Fantasy VII might have been very challenging, but in Kingdom’s Hearts 2 it feels like they made him even more overpowered.

Many Kingdom Hearts 2 players never managed to beat this version of Sephiroth as he practically has everything an uber boss needs. We are talking speed, massive health, and a whole bunch of attacks that will take you down in a matter of moments. Only perfect timing clubbed with combo attacks, precise dodging, and a high XP will give you a chance at winning. Hitting at the wrong moment will punish you, so make sure you watch out!

The Nameless King (Dark Souls 3)

Here’s another entry from the Dark Souls games, but this time it is from the third instalment. Dark Souls 3 had a wide variety of boss fights and the Nameless King is one of the most popular ones.

There are a couple of complaints about this fight, from players who didn’t really manage to beat this boss. One is the camera movement and the other one is the precise timing.

The camera work here is one of the worst in the series and that just makes things even more difficult. It is like the developers didn’t want you to beat the boss at all. It doesn’t stop there though. In the second phase of the fight, things get even worse as the Nameless King has a very delayed set of attacks that needs players to roll and dodge at very specific moments.

This can really frustrate a lot of players, as the Nameless King needs just a few hits to finish you off.

Ornstein and Smough(Dark Souls)

Just like we’ve mentioned before, we could make several lists consisting of overpowered bosses from the Souls franchise. And even if we are trying to make the list as diverse as we can, there is no way we can miss the formidable duo of Ornstein and Smough. What a way to end this list – having to fight not just one but two overpowered bosses at the same time!

Ornstein and Smough are so stupidly overpowered that you would want an insurance policy on the hardware you are playing the game on as you will most likely want to break everything at some point. You will get really infuriated because fighting two bosses at the same time changes the whole picture. Even if you manage to kill one of them, the remaining one becomes even more powerful.

Get ready to die a lot here! If you somehow succeed in defeating those two, the satisfaction is going to be immeasurable. To experience these Dark Souls bosses for yourself, you can get some Xbox Live Gift Cards from OffGamers here and grab the remastered game from Xbox!

To Conclude:

Having an overpowered boss in a game is a double-edged sword. Usually killing an incredibly strong bad guy can be satisfying and brings a euphoric feeling of joy. But any player can get tired of dying again and again by getting defeated mid-game or getting slammed by the final boss.

There are moments when we are simply trying to enjoy a game, fighting challenging but not almost-impossible bosses. What do you prefer, having balanced boss fights or having them as hard as they come? Let us know in the comments below. And oh, please share what other bosses you would want to add to the list above!

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