The Most Iconic Female Anime Vampires

Anime creators have given vampire fans some of the most terrifying, strong, and even cute vampires of all time. Fans can easily find their favorites while watching the best anime vampires and their thrilling and often terrifying adventures. There are plenty of exciting and intriguing female anime vampires who became fan favorites.

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Some of these immortal creatures are truly remorseless and powerful anime villains, but fans can watch shows with cute and surprisingly friendly female anime vampires too. Anime fans can choose from scary horror anime, supernatural action series, and slice-of-life anime with vampires to feed their vampire story cravings. These well-crafted and often thought-provoking anime became some of the most beloved and iconic anime vampire series with equally popular female characters.


8 Yuki Cross – Vampire Knight

Yuki Cross is one of the cutest female anime vampires who didn’t know she was a vampire for most of her life. She attended the Guardian of Cross Academy, which led to her discovery of her true heritage. Yuki eventually discovered that she was a Pureblood vampire and was awakened.

She’s also got impressive powers such as telekinesis and is capable of wielding the anti-vampire weapon called Artemis Rod. Vampire Knight is a suspenseful romance anime vampire series about Yuki and Zero’s journey as the two try to stop Zero’s transformation into a vampire and then his blood thirst once he’s completely transformed.

7 Krul Tepes – Seraph of The End

Even though Krul Tepes has one of the cutest looks of all the anime vampires, she’s actually one of the most selfish and cruel characters ever created. Japan’s former vampire queen doesn’t really care about other vampires and hates humans. Since she’s one of the oldest vampires, she’s considerably strong, fast, and can heal her injuries in seconds.

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Seraph of The End is one of the most exciting supernatural post-apocalyptic anime with vampires. The anime is set in a world in which a virus killed most of humanity, and vampires take over the planet and treat humans only as livestock. The story follows Yuichiro’s adventures, who escapes his vampire captors and joins an extermination unit that tries to kill all vampires.

6 Mina Tepes – Dance in the Vampire Bund

Mina Tepes is one of the most iconic and strongest female anime vampires. She’s a pure vampire and is one of the oldest of her kind. While the queen of all vampires can change her appearance, she loves her youthful look and uses it to deceive her enemies.

She only shows her more violent side to others and always hides her vulnerabilities. She’s not only a strong immortal but has high intelligence and can control others’ minds. Dance in the Vampire Bund is one of the most thrilling romance anime with lots of action and vampires. The story follows Mina after she reveals to the world that vampires exist and starts her plan of building a sanctuary for them in Japan.

5 Hikari – Interviews With Monster Girls

Hikari is one of the cutest and most caring vampires ever created. She’s the most fun demi-human in Interviews With Monster Girls who stays joyful during tough times and even helps others do the same. While she could bite others to drink blood and stay healthy, she always feeds from blood packets instead.

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However, Hikari is too embarrassed to drink boys’ blood which sometimes leads to overeating. Interviews With Monster Girls is one of the funniest modern vampire anime set in an alternate reality where demi-humans and humans live side-by-side. The story follows a teacher called Tetsuo who teaches in a school with demis and normal humans.

4 Seras Victoria – Hellsing

Seras Victoria is one of the most iconic heroes who was turned into a vampire by Alucard. After her transformation, she got stronger with every new kill and increased her superhuman abilities. Eventually, she not only had superhuman strength or was able to regenerate her limbs but could also fly and could even walk in the sunlight as long as she covered herself with a hood.

Hellsing was one of the best classic anime of all time, with some of the most iconic vampires ever created. The story is about an order of knights called Hellsing, who has to kill all supernatural evil forces to protect the queen and their world.

3 Moka Akashiya – Rosario + Vampire

Moka Akashiya is one of the most popular female anime vampires with a sweet and terrifying side. While Moka is normally a caring and polite vampire girl, her Inner Moka’s personality couldn’t be more different. However, she is strongest in her unsealed state and shows many times her exceptional strength and fighting skills.

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Rosario + Vampire is one of the funniest supernatural anime series with vampires. The story follows a young boy called Tsukune and his adventures after he unknowingly enrolls in a school that’s filled with monsters who end up all falling for him.

2 Megumi Shimizu – Shiki

Megumi Shimizu is one of the most beloved female anime vampires despite being a villain. Her heartbreaking backstory was highly relatable to fans, and her unique and memorable look further enhanced the character’s popularity. She was the first person who was killed and turned into a vampire by the infamous Kirishiki family and was originally one of the nicest humans in her village.

Shiki is a spooky psychological thriller anime with a great story, well-crafted characters, and one of the most iconic kimonos in anime. Its story is set in a small Japanese village in the 90s and is about a series of mysterious deaths that happened after a new family moved in.

1 Shinobu Oshino – Bakemonogatari

Shinobu Oshino is one of the most iconic vampire girls with a heartbreaking backstory. While Shinobu is a cute character, her inner beauty is what makes her truly special. It can light so brightly that it’s capable of covering an entire kingdom. However, because of her curse, everyone around her would commit suicide, including her parents.

Shinobu eventually was turned into a vampire by a true blood vampire, but she ended up losing most of her vampire powers too. She’s a kind, quiet, and polite girl whose aviator hat became the fans’ favorite clothing item. Bakemonogatari is a unique vampire anime with one of the most iconic anime villains turned heroes.

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