The Modern Warfare 2 open beta is now live on PlayStation, but not for everyone just yet

The grind is about to begin for Call of Duty gamers all around the world. The Modern Warfare 2 open beta is now live in early access for players who pre-ordered on PlayStation.

The first two days of the beta are exclusive to those who placed pre-orders on PS5 and PS4. The beta will open up to all PlayStation gamers this weekend, beginning on Sept. 18.

Screengrab via Activision

The open beta will feature just a taste of the full suite of content that the full game will include when it drops on Oct. 28, including a limited amount of weapons, perks, maps, modes, and operators.

Players can unlock content in the full game by leveling up in the beta. A number of cosmetics for MW2 will be attainable by reaching the max level in the beta, which is currently planned to be level 30.

The MW2 beta does not include the new Warzone 2 or its Tarkov-like DMZ mode. Those will be launching a few weeks after MW2 on Nov. 16, so the focus until then will be all about the new game’s multiplayer component.

This first beta weekend is scheduled to conclude on Tuesday, Sept. 20, before beginning again in a couple of days on Sept. 22.

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