The Chant New Developer Video Focuses on the Game’s Audio

The Chant developer video

Developer Brass Token and publisher Prime Matter revealed a new developer video for their upcoming horror game, The Chant, with Audio Director Paul Ruskay and Creative Director Mike Skupa. The developers talked about the process behind creating the music score and sound design of The Chant.

The Chant will feature immersive audio in an environment that is inspired by the 1970s. Paul Rusky designed and composed original experimental electronica using his experience as an audio producer for the past 26 years. Watch the The Chant’s developer video right here:

Unique collaboration between music and gaming. Exclusive interview with Paul Ruskay, Audio Director and Mike Skupa, Creative Director of The Chant, that discloses the not-so-conventional creative process behind the music and sound design of the game. Players will experience immersive audio in an atmosphere heavily influenced by the 1970s, including original experimental electronica composed and designed by the well-known artist.

Paul talks about how The Chant was a fun project to explore creatively, and how Mike Skupa has been a great person to work with. The interview also discusses how the game includes free-jazz drum parts and deafening silence where music is intentionally left out to make players feel more scared, making the atmosphere even eerier.

The Chant releases for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC on November 3, 2022. Head on over to the game’s official website to find out more!

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