The cards of Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Part 5: Radiant Charizard

ThePokemon TCG released at least one special expansion every year during the Sword and Shadow Wars. A special expansion is an extension of a set of cards that doesn’t include the current era title in its name and often directly relates to a certain subject. One of the most important things of special expansions is that they come with limited products rather than booster boxes and individual packs. The new spotlight series, thePokemon GO expansion, aims to get over the impact of a series such as a Sword & Shield Astral Radiance and astral Spell & Shield Lost Origin. Released on June 20, 2022, this special set was created in partnership with Niantic Labs, the mobile developer behind the iconicgamePokemon GO. The set is adapted and reflects certain elements from the game, while also continuing current elements of the CCG such as VSTARs, Radiant Pokemon, Alternate Arts, etc. Follow me through this set, as we appreciate the artwork, discuss the location of the card in the set, and tell about how certain elements of the expansion might impact the Pokemon TCG future. Today, we continue my quest for the second Radiant Pokemon of the set.

Pokemon GO cards. Pokemon Get the best, and a little better.

I truly believe that we’re the beginning of the ancient time of pochemon art, with the actual sword & Shield coming up as the best time to have lived in that hobby. There were only very few missedes in major card releases, with new arts, Character Rares and more amazing card types bringing incredible depictions of Pokemon. Radiant Charizard is the biggest disappointment of this era, with the help of this in mind. The fact thatPokemon GO was set to get the three Starter evolutions in their Shiny forms on Radiant cards was so exciting and then, the card leaked. I thought it should be fake because of the sheer size of the drawing and the adolescent shading. It isn’t the thing. The Radiant Eevee, that was built for the Sunkta’s Black Star Promotion, with its complete illustrated background and sharp art, set the standard.

Keep up the fight against Pokemon GO! Next time, the spotlight is rising with more cards from the main section of this themed expansion.

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