The best video games of the season

An inquisition fantasy (pic: EA)

The readers review their favourite fantasy games and the worlds they’re set in – from Elder Scrolls to Dark Souls.

The subject for this weeks Hot Topic was suggested by the reader Gooch. He meant any game with at least a slightly tolkien-esque feel, popularised by Lord of the Rings, and low fantasy settings such as Game of Thrones.

We had lots of different suggestions for the best game and, interestingly, many people said they usually don’t like the setting but made an exception for their particular choice.

Ogres and DragonsId go with Dragon Age Origins and Inquisition. They have all the ogres and the dragons that should be relevant to this list.

An intelligent story with most likable characters. Combat is good and the enemies are well overtly diverse so that it’s interesting.

I was going to go with Dark Souls. Despite the fact that Dragon Age is a more liner-based game, and is a bit tricky to follow.

That combat could be a shame to some people. As its a mix of real and turn-based music, I was accustomed to it, and I like it. I bought Origins, even if I don’t purchase the DLC.

I need to have a stance on things like that. I imagine that’ll be a common choice, but personally I don’t really like fantasy settings and am often put off by them, as they all make up their own own rules and backstories that are still more or less always the same.

In that regard, Skyrim is technically just the same as this but its not the story that has the appeal, the game world and the way you feel fully involved in it. The exploration, the characters, and the quests really draw us in, in a way that most other fantasy game is.

I allowed Dragon Age to go, but without having taken a break from it, I couldn’t get into it. It’s a little more magical with lots of strange monsters, than Skyrim, and I guess I prefer my fantasy a bit more grounded.

The only way I can get a new word is from Divinity. It’s not only the best fantasy game I’ve ever played, it’s also the best video game. There are no parallels in games, but this is the greatest control you have to play in order to win the game.

The world is also very unique. I don’t think that this is based on anything else that exists already, but in either case that its got lots of strange races and magic abilities and not just those usual dwarves, elves, orcs.

I don’t like all that and a great deal of characters think that most fantasy games keep using the idea as a new way of reusing them. The original Sin 2 is a lot more imaginative than that, and I strongly recommend it to everyone.Godfly is a fantastic sham.

I’ll vote for Silver so anyone else will have some reason. This is an unjustly forgotten PC game of the early 2000’s.

Silver was a fantasy game where your lady friend was kidnapped by the big baddy and you are trying to get her back with your posse. This story was a little grumpy for 20 years, but for me, the good graphics, great voice acting and the superb soundtrack made it special. All that followed, was a wonderful immersive game that I really enjoyed.

I remember polygon sprites on static pre-rendered backgrounds, and mouse clicks save character and weapon weapons.

The game came with my new Tiny PC (remember them?) and is a little bit old.Rangersingh (snip ID)

If you wish to make life better than life, you could still use fantasy. Unlike real life, I would also prefer a fantasy setting instead of real life.

It’s easy to forget that the world of fantasy settings wasn’t as widespread as the “Interval of the Ring” film; the first thing you needed was the horror of the film. However, I found out the whole entertainment industry jumped on the rails and that bandwagon continues today.

It’s perhaps the ultimate fantasy game for me. But when it comes to the traditional fantasy setting, the witcher 3 is really full of it. As to the quality of the scene, that game sold 40 million copies, with combat and controls being much more than they were. It’s really helpful that characters aren’t generally dull ciphers that could plague fantasy novels as well.

The Legend of Zelda series, perhaps more fairy tale-inspired than classic fantasy. But you think the main character still has many of these elements, as well as many Shinto icons and themes. For me the settings are very good with me.

One outside the field, I played Greedfall a while ago. I didn’t finish it, I did not hate it either. The gameplay was very uninspired and the writing was pretty interesting but the setting was lovely. It wasn’t very heavy on fantasy tropes, but they were still there in various parts, but it was just very unique and felt more original than anything I had ever done in a long time. I might give the sequel another shot, just on the strength of the setting.

Evil atmosphereSerious for me, its definitely Elden Ring, and all that Froms work. My eyes are blue and gray, while my love of the game and the beauty of the world contrasted with the disgustingness of the enemies and the foreboding sense of evil and defeat.

I want to say that story was a little clear, since it’s a little strange and I still have trouble following it even though I have seen countless videos. It’s possible to find more characters. And especially good ones, they’ll be nice, but as a result, all the other characters should be in the sequel. That left me more engaged than Skyrim.

Martin vs. TolkienI enjoyed the Dragon Age series a lot, with the second game extremely linear, though enjoyable characters. The developers made a bold and intelligent choice for everyone.

Dragon Age is probably more like Game of Thrones, but with Tolkien and Lovecraft reference as well, one can be heard of in the lands like above.

Dragon Age has the dirty nastiness of the George Martins world and the satirical innuendo to match, rathe more honourable than Tolkien.

The Elder Scrolls are more Tolkien, and the Witcher is more George Martin. The real games of Lord of the Rings probably don’t even feature the best fantasy games. However Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor was a very good attempt at Tolkien. While reducing monsters like Balrogs and Nazgul to lesser powerful enemies is sometimes somewhat impossible to overlook.

As far as the Soulsborne series goes, it’s quite gruesome and as far as Game of Thrones, with no tranquility nor death, but suffering mostly. I hope that the lands of the lands of Drangleic, Lothric, Boletaria, and the Lands Between in their golden years, before they were ravaged by lagging of the uni, plague, and recollection. This once great land would leave a humbling lands of calamity in these mighty cities. A sequel might be the most probable one, with opening world exploration and villages with good of all. The royal family seeks the lands before war and decay.

With the huge growth of the Amazons, the books have now become increasingly mainstream. There are many decent candidates for the Open World Challenge. It isn’t preferably made out of Lego! Even though they were charming in their own humorous manner, they were humbling!

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