The 10 Best Anime Endings Of 2022 So Far

The music associated with anime is one of the biggest draws to the genre. The opening and ending songs of fan-favorite shows often make audiences feel that much more hype for the anime. 2022 has been a good year for songs attached to anime, especially where endings are concerned.

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Ending songs are an important part of anime. They are the last thing audiences hear, and often carry the burden of the show’s emotional weight – particularly if the story took a surprising turn. 2022’s anime endings were up to this task, with beautiful, poignant, and fun songs to perfectly match their preceding stories.

10 “Heart Wa Oteage” Calls Upon A 90s Film (Kaguya-sama: Love Is War)

The latest season of the beloved romance anime Kaguya-sama: Love Is War debuted in 2022, bringing with it hilarious shenanigans, and a strangely endearing ending sequence. The song “Heart wa Oteage” by Airi Suzuki is lovely, but has an unexpected twist.

The entire ending sequence has the anime’s characters reenacting scenes from the 1990s movie, Starship Troopers. While this is a fun pop culture reference, the star is Suzuki’s song that evokes the struggles of being in love. It is a heartwarming, and fun ending that many fans were tickled to see.

9 “Akuma No Ko” Sees Eren Realizing His Dream Of Freedom (Attack On Titan)

Attack on Titan’s story has come a long way since the beginning of the series. Many questions have been answered, with many more cropping up. However, the second ending song of the fourth season reminds viewers of how Eren used to feel about going beyond the walls.

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“Akuma No Ko” is a beautifully moving song by Ai Higuchi that perfectly encapsulates Eren’s yearning for freedom. The beautiful visuals along with Higuchi’s sweeping melody nearly bring audiences to tears as they think back on all that Eren once held dear.

8 “Tokyo Sunny Party” Is Fun & Peppy (Heroines Run The Show)

“Tokyo Sunny Party” is an upbeat tune by HoneyWorks that capsulizes the energy of Heroines Run The Show. Although Hiyori Suzumi is busy with track and school, she becomes the manager of the secret idol group LIPXLIP. The ending song expertly captures the chaos and enjoyment Hiyori gets out of working for the idol group.

Not only does the song have a lot of energy, but it is also a fun listen for audiences. The bright colors of the visuals, and upbeat rhythm will have viewers wanting to get up and dance. This is one song that matches the show in terms of feel and tone.

7 “Comedy” Evokes Heartwarming Images Of A Family (Spy x Family)

Spy x Family is a surprisingly lighthearted anime about an assassin and a spy creating a family under pretenses. Yet, as time goes on, they both find that they are more like a real family with each passing day. This sentiment is portrayed beautifully in the ending song, “Comedy” by Gen Hoshino.

Although the song is a departure from the intensity of the boisterous opening, “Comedy”‘s slower pace and gentle music emphasize the dream-like visuals that depict the Forger family coming together against all odds. It is a touching ending that endears audiences to the Forgers even more.

6 “Route Blue” Gives Izumi-kun A Chance (Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie)Shikimori in Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie

Shikimori is always saving Izumi-kun from disaster in Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie. While it seems like a burden to others, Shikimori does not seem to mind protecting her boyfriend. This fact is highlighted in the adorable ending sequence, accompanied by the equally fun song, “Route Blue” by Yuki Nakashima.

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The song plays jauntily behind a scene of Shikimori and Izumi walking along a street with an increasing number of dangers for Shikimori to protect Izumi from. As the song plays, the hazards increase until finally Izumi steps in and saves Shikimori for a change. His adorable smile accompanying the last note enchants any viewer who watches it. Fans were happy to finally see Izumi protecting Shikimori.

5 “Koshaberi Biyori” Paints A Realistic Classroom Picture (Komi Can’t Communicate)

Komi Can’t Communicate is a charming anime about a girl named Shoko Komi who struggles to talk due to shyness and her friend Hitohito Tadano who helps her. Along the way, the two meet fun and varied new friends – all of whom are highlighted in the anime’s second ending. The sequence is set to the tune of “Koshaberi Biyori” by FantasticYouth.

Though the ending is not as bombastic as others, the touching tune of the song along with a “day-in-the-life” look at Komi and Tadano’s classroom is particularly delightful. Through this ending, audiences get a glimpse into the day-to-day goings-on of Komi and her classmates. The song adds to the overall pleasant atmosphere of the classroom of friends.

4 “PARTS” Is A Moving Song That Emphasizes The Story’s Upheaval (AMAIM Warrior At The Borderline)

AMAIM Warrior At The Borderline is a dystopian story about what would happen if Japan was split among other world powers. The Japanese people feel alone and displaced in their land. Such a somber story demands a somber ending song, such as “pARTS” by Natumi.

The song is reminiscent of a longing to belong. Since many people were forced from their homes, they strive to find a place to fit in once again. “pARTS” is a beautifully sweeping song that pulls at the heartstrings of any listener.

3 “Transcending Time” Will Have Audiences On Their Feet (Ultraman)

Ultraman is a Netflix anime about a band of warriors who come together to stop alien forces on Earth. The show’s high-octane premise deserves an equally energetic ending. Fortunately, it has one in the second season’s ending “Transcending Time” by Void_Chords, featuring Ryohei and Foggy-D.

The song is incredibly catchy, and the sequence of Ultraman and his team in action gets fans’ blood pumping. The inclusion of a dance by the characters is also guaranteed to get audiences out of their seats. “Transcending Time” is an ending song that is hard not to dance to.

2 “Bitter Rain” Is The Perfect Noir Ending (Lupin The 3rd Part 6)

Lupin the 3rd Part 6 is a continuation of the hit crime drama about the fabled Arséne Lupin III. The noir feel of the show is matched perfectly with the second ending song, “Bitter Rain” featuring Sakura Fujiwara.

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Fujiwara’s smooth vocals accompanied by the sultry jazz music are the ideal pairing to the anime’s overall tone. The underlying mysteries of the show are best summarized in this haunting song. “Bitter Rain” brings to mind rainy nights, dark alleys, and mysteries in hiding – waiting to be uncovered.

1 “Asa Ga Kuru” Calls To Mind The Struggle To Survive (Demon Slayer)

Demon Slayer is the story of humans’ struggle to fight off the dreaded demons that prowl through the night. No song captures this feeling quite as well as the most recent ending song to the anime “Asa ga Kuru” by Aimer.

The tune is a plaintive and beautiful reminder of the Demon Slayers’ constant fight to keep the demons (specifically Muzan Kibutsuji) at bay. The song’s minor key and Aimer’s stunning vocals make any fan watching the show feel the anguish and drive that the Demon Slayers face constantly.

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