Tourist killed in shark attack in waist-high water at South African resort

A tourist has been killed by a great white shark while she was wading in waist-high water in a beach in South Africa. Kimon Bisogno, 39, was with her family on Plettenberg Bay for the bank holiday weekend when she was dragged out to sea in front of her husband and young child. The family … Read more

Middle-class migrant trap as traffickers lure white collar workers into bogus overseas jobs

Unfortunately, his gut instinct was correct. Mr Yang was imprisoned for 58 days in an isolated, heavily guarded building block while he was forced to launder money for suspected drugs and illegal weapons gangs. He broke free only after staging an audacious, risky escape. Though his story sounds more like a thriller than a reality, … Read more

Vladimir Putin’s draft order is cause of Russian protests, officials admit

“Such excesses are absolutely unacceptable. And, I consider it absolutely right that they are triggering a sharp reaction in society,” said Valentina Matvienko, the speaker of the Federation Council, Russia’s upper house.  In an apparent attempt to deflect blame from the Kremlin, she said that governors of Russia’s 85 federal regions held “full responsibility” for … Read more

Coverage of the Queen’s death led to drop in funding for Democrats, New York Times says

“When something knocks politics out of the news, especially when it’s this big a story with pageantry, Harry and Meghan and how the new King presents himself, you are going to forget politics is out there. “Without these reminders, it is a little harder to remember to be moved to the point where people will … Read more

Iran recruits extremist foreign militias to help ‘wipe out rioters’ from Tehran

Iran has recruited extremist foreign militias to help “wipe out rioters from the streets of Tehran”. Demonstrators continued to take to the streets in Iran on Sunday to protest the death of Mahsa Amini who died in police custody after being arrested for incorrectly wearing a hijab. Militias from Syria, Lebanon and Iraq calling themselves … Read more

How Albanian gangs took control of Britain’s cocaine

Every day between 5pm and 9pm children as young as 10 gather on the concrete football pitch in the northern Pascuales district of Guayaqui to learn how to murder. For four hours as the sun sets over the port city in Ecuador, the ‘school for sicarios’ teaches its pupils to load their weapons, track their … Read more

How far-Right Sweden Democrats are bringing Trump’s America to a small country town

It overtook Sweden’s former farmers’ party, Centre, as the most popular party among agricultural workers, it rivals the Moderates as the most popular party among business owners and is challenging the Social Democrats as the most popular party for blue-collar workers. It was as popular among young first-time voters as it was among pensioners. As … Read more

Why the fundamentals of war haven’t changed

The reality, of course, is that ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons do not exist – they are all strategic weapons – and, as such, come under the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction which ably governed the nuclear relationship between the superpowers during the Cold War. Putin won’t use a nuclear weapon, because he can’t be sure that … Read more

Putin sacks another military general as he takes hands-on approach to war from Moscow

On top of the fast-developing eastern front, Russia is also under pressure in the south – but Mr Putin has reportedly ignored pleas from his commanders to take action to minimise losses before it is too late, according to American officials briefed on highly sensitive intelligence.  Thousands of Russian troops may soon be surrounded in … Read more

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards seek arrest of ‘Asian Maradona’ over support for protests

He has also advised followers on how to use VPNs to get around an internet blackout and safely share their footage online. Demonstrations continued in more than 80 Iranian cities overnight on Friday, with unconfirmed reports suggesting security forces had been kicked out of the Kurdish city of Oshnavieh in west Iran, where Amini is … Read more