time has come to take on European court interfering with migrant deportations

Suella Braverman will on Tuesday pledge to prevent human rights laws “interfering” with the UK’s ability to deport illegal migrants by introducing a new law barring anyone who crosses the Channel from claiming asylum in Britain.  The Home Secretary will accuse the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg of “mission creep” by “grossly expanding” … Read more

Bus driver who swerved in front of ‘annoying’ cyclist appeals against being sacked

A bus driver enraged by a cyclist in the middle of the road was sacked after swerving in front of the bike, an employment tribunal heard. Samir William allegedly became incensed because he felt the male cyclist had delayed the bus’s journey by pedalling in front of it. To bypass the cyclist, Mr William swerved … Read more

Liz Truss takes on Tory rebels in battle to rein in benefits

Mel Stride, the Tory Treasury committee chairman, told BBC Radio 4’s World at One that more mini-Budget U-turns may be needed. “It may be there will be even yet further requirements to unwind some of those positions,” he said. Esther McVey, the former work and pensions secretary, told a fringe event: “I have to say … Read more

Steve Baker apologises to EU for ‘not always behaving’ during Brexit

Steve Baker has apologised to the European Union for ”not always behaving” during Brexit negotiations. The new Northern Ireland minister was a staunch supporter of the Leave campaign and is a former chairman of the European Research Group, made up of backbench Conservative MPs. He was one of 28 “Spartan” Tories who voted against Theresa … Read more

Tory revolt forces Liz Truss to delay 45p tax rate vote

On Monday, Kwasi Kwarteng, the Chancellor, will unveil a “promise to the people of this country” that his economic plan is “sound, credible and will increase growth”. He will say: “We must stay the course. I am confident our plan is the right one.” On Sunday, Ms Truss said that cutting the 45p rate of … Read more

Liz Truss dares to defuse Gordon Brown’s tax time bomb – but it could yet blow up in her face

One rebel MP said: “I have spoken to more than 20 other Conservative MPs who are against this, and I’ve spoken to Cabinet ministers who are angry they weren’t consulted and are very very unhappy about the whole thing.  “There are also a couple of parliamentary private secretaries who say they will resign if she … Read more

War on motorists based on ‘false’ government data as calls to scrap LTNs grow

Across Britain, miles driven on minor roads rose by just less than 10 per cent, rather than the 26 per cent originally suggested. The original data suggested a rise from 108 billion vehicle miles in 2009 to almost 136 billion in 2019. This has been revised to 107 billion in 2009 and less than 118 … Read more

Only my growth plan will reverse Britain’s managed decline, says Liz Truss

On Sunday, Michael Gove, who backed Rishi Sunak in the Tory leadership contest, is expected to join those demanding a change in course. Ms Truss said her planned combination of tax cuts and supply-side reforms is part of a “reset” to “get the economy going” and drive growth. She said: “That’s what people need to … Read more

Kwasi Kwarteng lines up Antonia Romeo to become the Treasury’s top civil servant

Kwasi Kwarteng is preparing to announce his new top civil servant this week, with a mandarin who worked alongside Liz Truss understood to be his favoured candidate. Antonia Romeo, who is said to have outshone competition from rivals from across Whitehall, would be the first female permanent secretary at the Treasury. The planned announcement comes … Read more

There is no doubt this was an expensive intervention, but doing nothing was not an option

Cast your mind back just four weeks ago. We had daily warnings of extreme energy prices to come. Corner shops to factories predicting carnage. Business groups fearing mass unemployment. Entire livelihoods were on the line. Make no mistake, this was a very real prospect for our country. No government with any conscience would ever let … Read more