US and Nato ‘too scared of nuclear apocalypse’ to intervene in Ukraine war

The United States and Nato will be too scared of a “nuclear apocalypse” to intervene in the war in Ukraine – even if the Kremlin fires the deadly weapons in Europe, Russia’s former president Dmitry Medvedev has said. In another ratcheting up of the rhetoric, Mr Medvedev, who is now deputy chairman of Russia’s Security … Read more

Putin’s own propagandists turn on draft sending ‘hairdressers and teachers’ to Ukrainian front

Olga Skabeyeva, one of the most prominent state TV hosts, on Tuesday also lashed out at the mobilisation drive, urging criminal prosecution for those who abuse their powers in drafting men. Even Russia’s most blood-thirsty war reporters from state TV have expressed dismay over what appears to be a completely random choice of conscripts. Alexander … Read more

Russian opposition activist beaten up and raped by police

A Russian opposition activist was beaten up and raped by the police after he was arrested for reading poetry which criticised the Kremlin’s puppet governments in Ukraine.   Riot police stormed Artyom Kamardin’s flat late on Monday and beat him up along with his girlfriend and a friend who was staying with the couple, his … Read more

Huge pressure leaks hit undersea Nord Stream pipelines – POLITICO

Three Russia-to-Germany pipelines running under the Baltic Sea reported massive pressure falls, Danish authorities said. Two of the leaks were near the double Nord Stream 1 pipeline, to the northeast of Denmark’s Bornholm island, and one leak was reported near the Nord Stream 2 pipeline off the southeastern coast of the island, the Danish Maritime … Read more

Putin’s chef admits to being the founder of military contractor Wagner

Mr Prigozhin’s stunning admission comes eight years after Russian journalists first unmasked him as the man behind the notorious military contractor. But the businessman vehemently denied it and even sued several Russian and Western journalists over the reports. Wagner first emerged in eastern Ukraine in 2014 and later expanded its operations to Syria, Libya, the … Read more

Russians blocked from fleeing country by border guards

At Upper Lars in the Caucasus, at least 5,000 cars were lining up on Monday waiting to cross from Russia into Georgia, which has become one of the most popular routes of escape, according to Russian officials. Authorities on the Georgian side of the border said about 115,000 people and 37,000 cars crossed from Russia … Read more

Vladimir Putin’s draft order is cause of Russian protests, officials admit

“Such excesses are absolutely unacceptable. And, I consider it absolutely right that they are triggering a sharp reaction in society,” said Valentina Matvienko, the speaker of the Federation Council, Russia’s upper house.  In an apparent attempt to deflect blame from the Kremlin, she said that governors of Russia’s 85 federal regions held “full responsibility” for … Read more

Even Russia’s friends are getting upset over its war – POLITICO

NEW YORK — By the time Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov took the stage at the United Nations General Assembly this week, he and his country had already lost much of the audience. Throughout the annual gathering, world leader after world leader had expressed deep discomfort if not outright condemnation over Russia’s war in Ukraine. … Read more

Putin sacks another military general as he takes hands-on approach to war from Moscow

On top of the fast-developing eastern front, Russia is also under pressure in the south – but Mr Putin has reportedly ignored pleas from his commanders to take action to minimise losses before it is too late, according to American officials briefed on highly sensitive intelligence.  Thousands of Russian troops may soon be surrounded in … Read more

Gunmen going door to door forcing Ukrainians to vote in ‘sham’ referendums

Propaganda leaflets were distributed among locals in Severodonetsk, declaring that “Russia is the future” for Ukraine. “The collapse of the once unified state became the greatest geopolitical catastrophe: Millions of native people in an instant found themselves on opposite sides of artificial borders,” it said. “Now it is time to restore historical justice.” “We have … Read more