Why the fundamentals of war haven’t changed

The reality, of course, is that ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons do not exist – they are all strategic weapons – and, as such, come under the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction which ably governed the nuclear relationship between the superpowers during the Cold War. Putin won’t use a nuclear weapon, because he can’t be sure that … Read more

Armed Forces to grow thanks to £52bn spending boost

Mr Wallace continued: “Without the change, we were heading to below 2 per cent. But on current forecast, that’s roughly a defence budget of £100 billion in 2029-30. We’re currently on £48 billion. So that’s the difference. In eight years, that’s a huge amount. “What we have to work through is how we get there. … Read more

Russia’s mobilisation will only make Putin’s problems worse

Diners gasped as the riot police thudded the man’s head against the windows of the chic Moscow restaurant. Arrested for demonstrating against mobilisation, it is very likely he will now be sent to fight in Ukraine. Just 12 hours earlier, Vladimir Putin had taken to the podium with a pre-recorded speech to announce partial mobilisation … Read more

The best advertisement for Brexit is the nightmarish city of Brussels itself

Last week, as Putin once more threw around the prospect of nuclear war, Liz Truss stood before the UN in New York and said that the West would not be rattled by his thuggery, adding: “Unless democratic societies deliver on the economy and security our citizens expect, we will fall behind.” It was generous, but … Read more

Putin sacks another military general as he takes hands-on approach to war from Moscow

On top of the fast-developing eastern front, Russia is also under pressure in the south – but Mr Putin has reportedly ignored pleas from his commanders to take action to minimise losses before it is too late, according to American officials briefed on highly sensitive intelligence.  Thousands of Russian troops may soon be surrounded in … Read more

Gunmen going door to door forcing Ukrainians to vote in ‘sham’ referendums

Propaganda leaflets were distributed among locals in Severodonetsk, declaring that “Russia is the future” for Ukraine. “The collapse of the once unified state became the greatest geopolitical catastrophe: Millions of native people in an instant found themselves on opposite sides of artificial borders,” it said. “Now it is time to restore historical justice.” “We have … Read more

Britain runs low on ammo as Ukraine bombards Kremlin forces

As she prepared to address the United Nations, Liz Truss last week committed the UK to spending at least £2.3bn next year on military aid to help Ukraine repel Kremlin forces. The promise came as Vladimir Putin sought to mobilise 300,000 reservists in hope sheer numbers can overcome the combination of Ukrainian determination and Western … Read more

The ultra-nationalists waiting for Vladimir Putin to fall

Sidelined by the Kremlin, blacklisted by state media, and known even among former comrades as an emotional man not necessarily to be taken seriously, his outbursts would not normally be newsworthy. But he is far from alone in his horror at the collapse in Kharkiv and the prisoner swap. “Very fortunate on the day mobilisation … Read more

Sanctions should be dropped from Roman Abramovich, says British prisoner of war

In an interview with the Sun newspaper, Mr Harding, a father-of-two, also praised Abramovich for helping to get the hostages released. Mr Harding said: “He was a really sound bloke, a really lovely guy. He’s a legend – we absolutely love him and I’m so grateful for his efforts.” Mr Harding, who had been serving … Read more

Amid Putin’s blustering threats, the West has genuine cause for hope

I’m touching wood as I write, but can you think of anything that is going well for Vladimir Putin? Under his command, the Russian army has just lost not only a conquered territory the size of Wales, but also its aura of invincibility. If it suffers a comparable defeat in the south, the end is … Read more