New King Charles III 50p coin unveiled by Royal Mint

The first portrait of King Charles III to appear on currency was unveiled on Friday as the Royal Mint marks the end of one era and the start of another with its first “double monarch” coin. The new King’s image, designed to look “more human” than previous official portraits of sovereigns, will appear on commemorative … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II died while close family were en route to Balmoral, her death certificate confirms

Using her full name of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, the certificate lists the late Queen as “widowed” following the death of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, in April 2021. Her occupation was simply: “Her Majesty the Queen.” The cause of death is recorded as “old age”, at Balmoral Castle. Her “usual address” was listed … Read more

Prince of Wales has no plans for formal investiture ceremony

The tradition of an investiture at Caernarfon Castle was revived in 1911 when George V gave the title to his son, Edward. Before then, such a ceremony had not taken place at the castle for several hundred years. The Prince and Princess have made clear that they will do things differently since first being given … Read more

King Charles unveils new personal royal cypher to adorn postboxes and passports

When Oliver Cromwell abolished the monarchy in 1649 and beheaded Charles I, historians feared the crown was lost forever.  Cromwell had ordered that the crown, weighing 7lb 6oz, be melted down, minted and sold as coins. Its 344 precious stones were sold separately while other parts of the crown were passed on intact. The centrepiece … Read more

Meghan was shocked not to be paid for royal walkabouts, new book claims

The Duchess of Sussex did not understand the point of royal walkabouts and said during a tour of Australia: “I can’t believe I’m not getting paid for this,” a new book claims. The Duchess was feted by cheering crowds as she and the Duke of Sussex visited the Commonwealth realm in 2018, but behind the … Read more

First official photo of King Charles III shows him attending to his red boxes

The photograph was taken in a shoot lasting just a few minutes, and it is understood to have been one of the final frames after the King had finished posing and got immediately back to work. He is sitting at a 19th-century French mahogany writing desk, in front of the painting Jacob and Leah with … Read more

Angela Rayner reveals contents of note passed in Commons on day of Queen Elizabeth II’s death

Describing the moment she first realised the monarch’s death was imminent, she said: “I read between the lines on that, because you don’t get a note saying the Queen is unwell if she’s got a bit of a cough or a cold.” Ms Rayner said “the gravity” of the situation was underlined by the fact … Read more

Anthem for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral contained ‘hidden Unionist code’ claim Scottish nationalists

Sir James, who was a high-profile supporter of the Union ahead of the 2014 independence referendum, said he and Ms Weir, who was born in England to Scottish parents, were considered “the Wrong Kind of Scots”. He wrote: “One patriot tweeted angrily that I ‘have to move back to England’ because I’m ‘not a Scottish … Read more

King Charles retreats to Balmoral to privately mourn Elizabeth II’s death

Underlining its importance to her, it showed the late Queen in the wilds of the Scottish hills surrounded by heather. Taken in 1971 by her cousin, the Fifth Earl of Lichfield – a photographer whose archive contains a treasure trove of images of the off-duty Royal family over numerous Balmoral summers – it is thought … Read more

Names of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip inscribed together on Windsor Castle headstone

The names of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, whose name is written simply as “Philip”, have been inscribed together on a new headstone, joining her mother and father in the Windsor Castle chapel where she was buried on Monday. The Queen was laid to rest together with the Duke of Edinburgh in a private … Read more