Random: Scrapped Super Mario World Files Include This Tiny Guy, And We’re In Love

Image: Nintendo / Nintendo Life There are a multitude of things that get left out of video games during development and are either hidden away in the finished code or wiped off the face of the earth before we can get our eager Nintendo-obsessed eyes on them. One extremely small detail removed from Super Mario … Read more

YouTuber Makes Chris Pratt’s Mario Real With Unreal Engine

It’s-a him, Chris Pratt. Screenshot: Re-Imagined Games / Kotaku It feels like it was only yesterday when Shigeru Miyamoto pulled the goomba rug out from under our collective gamer asses with the surprise announcement of the bizarre Hollywood cast of the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie. While the casting of Chris Pratt in the starring … Read more

Breath Of The Wild 2

Image: Nintendo / Kotaku Nintendo, ever the iconoclasts, chose the most recent Nintendo Direct to announce not the GameCube Zelda remakes we’re certain they’ve already finished, nor any information about the upcoming Mario movie, but instead to surprise-reveal the official title of Breath of the Wild 2 . It was The Legend Of Zelda: Tears … Read more

Video: Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Talks Your Ear Off, But Has Fun In Spades

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube Recently we were invited down to Nintendo’s UK headquarters by Ubisoft – we can only assume they got permission first – to have a bash at the upcoming strategy bwaaah-athon that is Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. We sat down and were able to play around three hours … Read more

8 Fantastic Video Games Set In Fall

Image: Remedy Entertainment When the day starts to cool and the leaves turn crunchy orange, I’m in the best mood possible. I want to light a cranberry-scented candle, settle into soft blankets, and boot up one of many great autumnal video games—games that take place in autumn months, or have radiant and full fall settings. … Read more

Shigeru Miyamoto Accidentally Trolled Nintendo Direct Fans

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct was a much-hyped affair, with a whopping 40 minutes dedicated to the Japanese company’s portable console and its games. Most people kept their expectations somewhat in check for this, because Nintendo said that the event would largely focus on products coming out this holiday season. You can read … Read more