Video: We Played Some No Man’s Sky On Switch – Here’s What We Thought

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube We are but a few short days away from the Switch release of No Man’s Sky on October 7th and it is fair to say that we have been nervous to see how this frankly massive game would run on Nintendo’s little console. Following a huge update to the … Read more

Side-Scrolling Multiplayer Shooter SquadBlast Is Like 2D Overwatch

It’s difficult to stand out in today’s overcrowded games market, especially in the highly competitive, make-or-break multiplayer landscape. We don’t envy any developer currently crafting a game that needs thousands of players logging in each and every day. However, the right combination of interesting concept and good execution might just do the trick, and SquadBlast … Read more

You Know What? Sonic Frontiers Might Actually Be Okay

We played Sonic Frontiers at EGX not once, but twice. Normally, we wouldn’t put ourselves through a Sonic demo more than necessary, and the queue was, as you’d expect, constantly lengthy. The trouble is, after playing the 15-minute slice of the “open zone” experience for the first time, we realised something rather shocking. Had we … Read more

Goat Simulator 3 Doubles Down on the Dumb on PS5

As the playable demo for Goat Simulator 3 got started, we had to ask: what’s the real reason Coffee Stain North labelled this as the third game in the series, when it is, in fact, the second? Stuart Docherty, sound designer and composer, provided a simple, honest answer. It turns out the team just thought … Read more

Video: Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Talks Your Ear Off, But Has Fun In Spades

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube Recently we were invited down to Nintendo’s UK headquarters by Ubisoft – we can only assume they got permission first – to have a bash at the upcoming strategy bwaaah-athon that is Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. We sat down and were able to play around three hours … Read more

Shadows of Rose Turns Resident Evil Village into Magic

If Resident Evil Village was proof Capcom isn’t afraid to change the sort of enemies its survival horror franchise has to offer, then DLC Shadows of Rose is evidence the developer can do the very same for its main character. Ethan Winters’ daughter Rose may use the same weapons her father became accustomed to, but … Read more

Street Fighter 6 Makes It Fun for Newcomers

Every game genre comes with some level of complexity, but fighters perhaps struggle the most with their onboarding process. With more complex controls to master and a hardcore community to get up to speed with, it’s no surprise many newcomers fall at the first hurdle. Street Fighter 6 attempts to streamline those first few hours … Read more

Crisis Core Is a Welcome Reunion with Final Fantasy VII

It’s already been almost two and a half years since Square Enix reinvented the story of its 1997 JRPG classic Final Fantasy VII, and we’re itching to see what the Japanese publisher has in store next. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will provide those answers next winter, but to tide us over until then, Crisis Core: … Read more

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Needs Work, Serious Work

You’ve always been able to tell when Square Enix has decided not to give one of its upcoming RPGs a suitable budget, but the Star Ocean series feels like an IP devoted entirely to the lower echelons of its monetary commitments. Not since the PS2 generation has the franchise had a quality instalment, and The … Read more