France becoming ‘irrelevant’ in Ukraine war and must bump up military aid, expert says

France has so far given 18 Caesar self-propelled artillery units, which are now feted along the Ukrainian front-line. That represents one quarter of France’s entire mobile artillery and military chiefs had warned it couldn’t give more without leaving it vulnerable in other regions like the Sahel. However, up to 12 are due to be pledged, … Read more

Uranus’ whopping 98-degree tilt may be due to a moon migrating away from the planet

Uranus’ whopping 98-degree tilt may be due to a MOON migrating away from the planet and pulling it over on its side, astronomers claim Uranus peculiarly has a rotational axis so skewed it may as well be laying down Seventh planet from the sun has a whopping tilt of 98 degrees from orbital plane Astronomers … Read more

Allies to help Norway patrol platforms at sea after ‘sabotage’ – POLITICO

Norway’s allies will help patrol the country’s oil and gas platforms at sea after Western countries declared leaks in the Nord Stream gas pipelines a likely act of sabotage, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre said. “We’re in a dialogue with our allies regarding increased presence in the Norwegian (offshore) sector and have said yes to … Read more

Children’s magician on trial for raping or assaulting 27 boys and girls

A children’s magician is on trial for raping or assaulting 27 boys and girls after befriending their families and wowing them with his tricks as a means to find time alone with his victims. Parents and several victims attended the trial behind closed doors at the criminal court on Friday in Rennes, Brittany. Sébastien C, … Read more

Macron threatens to ‘instantly’ dissolve parliament if MPs block his pension reforms

Emmanuel Macron has threatened to “instantly” dissolve parliament if French MPs block the pension reforms on which he has staked his political legacy. The threat, which has drawn comparisons to Boris Johnson’s proroguing of parliament, came as French schools, trains and businesses were hit on Thursday by the first major call for strikes since Mr … Read more

Artificial sweeteners tied to increased heart risk, new study finds

Participants in the study who had a higher intake of total artificial sweeteners had an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease compared to non-consumers.NYSE/PEPSICO Handout via Reuters Artificial sweeteners are added to thousands of foods and beverages – soft drinks, yogurts, pancake syrups, jams, baked goods, frozen desserts, chewing gum, candy – to help us … Read more

Police catch people-smuggling gang behind 50 Channel crossings

A people-smuggling gang behind 50 Channel crossings carrying 2,000 migrants has been caught by French police. Officers seized more than a dozen boats and 700 life jackets in raids that also uncovered a “factory” supplying nautical equipment. The ring, based in Lille, a northern French city about 60 miles from Calais, and run by Iraqi … Read more

Macron slams nations staying neutral on Ukraine as ‘complicit’ with Russia – POLITICO

NEW YORK — Countries that refuse to take a side in Russia’s war in Ukraine are “complicit” with Moscow’s “new imperialism,” French President Emmanuel Macron told the U.N. General Assembly Tuesday in an impassioned speech. “Those who are silent today are serving — whether against their will or secretly with a certain complicity — the … Read more

King Charles chooses France for first state visit after bonding with Macron

The “soft power” of the Royal family has always been exploited as a diplomatic tool, and the Foreign Office wants to capitalise on its popularity in the wake of the Queen’s funeral, which was watched by billions worldwide. Mr Macron delivered one of the most memorable tributes to the late Queen from any world leader … Read more