Sasha Obama flashes tattoo in Los Angeles after older sister Malia was spotted grabbing lunch

Sasha Obama was spotted flashing her tattoo as she headed to class in Los Angeles on Monday – just a few days after her older sister, Malia, was seen grabbing lunch.  The 21-year-old daughter of former President Barack Obama soaked up the sun in a bright purple and pink crop top and a knee-length patterned … Read more

Can men get breast cancer? Dad-of-two shocked by diagnosis from small lump

A father-of-two diagnosed with breast cancer on Christmas Eve, 2019, first noticed a pea-sized lump on his nipple in 2016. Danny Goss, from Victoria, went for an ultrasound at the time and doctors told him it was ‘just a cyst’ and ‘nothing to worry about’.  But three years later the tiny two-centimetre lump remained so … Read more

Man reveals terminal cancer diagnosis after his hairdresser found mole

Tradie, 38, given six months to live after his HAIRDRESSER found a dodgy mole and pressured him to get it checked out by a specialist after doctors sent him home claiming ‘it was nothing’ A man has been diagnosed with cancer after his hairdresser noticed a mole Nicholas Smithson said two doctors failed to take … Read more

Breast Cancer Australia: Sisters diagnosed within six weeks of each other

Two sisters who were diagnosed with breast cancer within six weeks of each other have revealed how they worked together to overcome the disease. Aisling, 50, and Margaret Cunningham, 46, from Brisbane, received the earth-shattering news in August, 2020. Margaret was standing in front of the mirror when she noticed one of her breasts looked … Read more

The Love, Indus Freedom Of Expression Line Limiter is hailed a ‘miracle’ cream – save $22 now

‘My smile lines are disappearing before my eyes!’ Meet the first ever cream designed to fill in creases around the mouth (and it works wonders on forehead lines too!) By Zoe Griffin For Published: 08:54 EDT, 1 October 2022 | Updated: 08:54 EDT, 1 October 2022 SHOPPING: Products featured in this Mail Best article … Read more

Gynaecological health expert reveals the signs of five cancers you NEED to know

From feeling bloated to unexpected weight loss and unusual bleeding, a gynaecological health expert reveals the signs of five cancers you NEED to know A survey found that 1 in 3 people can’t name a single gynaecological cancer  Valentina Milanova, founder of Daye, lists the five cancers and their symptoms Spotting between cycles, pelvic discomfort, … Read more

Sasha Obama heads to class in over-sized white shirt after spending time with dad Barack 

Sasha Obama turned her school’s campus into her own personal catwalk as she headed to class on Wednesday in a button-down white blouse and baggy jeans – after spending time with her dad, former President Barack Obama, over the weekend. The UCLA student, 21, looked fashionable in the loose, collared shirt, which was partly tucked … Read more

Woman, 22, dies by suicide after struggling with Lyme disease for ‘years’: disease ‘hijacked her’

A 22-year-old woman has died by suicide after she spent ‘years’ suffering from Lyme disease. Amelie Champagne, from Montreal, Canada, ‘decided to free herself from the unbearable pain’ after the disease ‘essentially hijacked her,’ her father, Alain Champagne, wrote in a heartbreaking LinkedIn post last week. According to her dad, a CEO at a retirement home … Read more