Street Fighter 6 Trailer Confirms 4 Classic Fighters, Beta, Online and Offline Mode Details

Capcom has been steadily unveiling Street Fighter 6‘s roster and the team has taken to Tokyo Game Show to reveal four more fighters. Dhalsim, E. Honda, Blanka, and Ken are all coming to the fighting game when it launches, adding even more classic faces to the highly anticipated title. Capcom also dropped more details on its upcoming beta, online modes, and offline offerings, something it will extrapolate even further on in another Street Fighter 6-focused stream on Friday at 8 a.m. PT.

Its newest fighters can be briefly seen in the trailer, giving players a brief look at some new and classic moves. Ken has been forced to abandon his family and go into hiding, hence the rougher look. Blanka, who now wears overalls, is a “kindhearted adventure tour guide” and can now attack with electric dolls. Dhalsim’s fire techniques have improved, giving him access to a host of other Yoga Fire attacks. E. Honda, described as a “globetrotting sumo wrestler,” also has a suite of new and old sumo moves.

While official confirmation is always noteworthy, it’s not a surprise since the entire roster leaked shortly after its State of Play trailer in early June. This convincing leak had official art and stunning, accurate renders that would be difficult to fake. Capcom eventually responded on Twitter, saying that players have “seen things [they] weren’t supposed to see.” However, it noted that it “[appreciated] all the positive reactions” and thanked fans for their support.

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Capcom also detailed the game’s offline and online modes it had only briefly shown in other trailers. Its offline campaign called World Tour will feature a new avatar players build upon while playing the game. This fighter’s move set can be customized as players progress, meaning it could be an amalgamation of some of Street Fighter‘s most iconic characters like Tekken‘s Combot. These moves are useful in fights, obviously, but can also be used in the overworld to get to new places and unlock items. Some of these items are gear like hats and clothes that can give players even more freedom over their character. Battles in the overworld between big and small characters are seamless, as they transition from conversation right to the battle.

Its online mode is also a bit unorthodox. While players will be able to just go into a menu and played online matches like they could in other entries, its hub called the Battle Hub gives players a more involved multiplayer experience. Users can line up at cabinets as if they were at a real arcade, host tournaments, and even play classic Capcom games like Street Fighter II and Final Fight. It sounded like these titles will constantly be shifting in and out of the arcade, but Capcom wasn’t clear.

Extreme Battle is another new mode and seems to be a party mode similar to Mortal Kombat‘s Test Your Luck. Modifiers, gimmicks, and different settings can change the game, giving players more things to worry about during a match.

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Capcom is also holding a closed beta for the game. Registration begins now and will end on September 30 at 7:59 a.m. PT. The beta itself will run from October 7 to October 10 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (PS4 players aren’t included) and it will have cross-platform play. Those who participate will get a special item in the full game.

It contains a fair bit of content, too, as beta testers will have access to character creation, ranked matches, casual matches, the Battle Hub, tournaments, training, the shop, the photo spot and DJ Booth in the Battle Hub, Extreme Battle, and more. Luke, Jamie, Ryu, Chun-Li, Kimberly, Juri, and Ken will be the playable roster. There will also be six maps.

Capcom also confirmed two more commentators for the game: Kosuke Hiraiwa and H.E.Demon Kakka. Hiraiwa is known for his esports casting in games like Apex Legends. Kakka is an eccentric musician and sumo commentator and is often seen wearing his “demon” outfit.

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