Steam’s latest sale has discounts on hack-and-slash and character action games

Valve have been running a series of themed sales events throughout the year, and the latest is live as of yesterday. The Steam Bash Bash features discounts on “hack-and-slashers, spectacle fighters and more” and it’s running until September 26th. There are also demos and glimpses of upcoming games.

You can find the Bash Bash here. Steam’s taxonomy basically treats all the games as subgenres of hack and slash, and also includes character action games and musou games.

Hit that page right now and you’ll find Monster Hunter Rise at half price, Devil May Cry 5 reduced by 67%, and Hades down by 40%. God Of War, the PC port of which released relatively recently, has a 20% discount.

There are plenty of other good games among the discounts. I find this is the primary role these sales play in my life: to remind me that there really are so many good games in every genre now. I don’t know why this continues to surprise me.

The ‘Demos’ tab is more underwhelming than the discounts, as there doesn’t appear to be anything that didn’t already have a demo available. The upcoming tab did put Undecember on my radar, however, which looks like a grimdark Diablolike with an interesting rune system. Hm.

Anything in the sale you’d recommend? Sing its praises in the comments.

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