Shonen Jump’s New Manga is the Spiritual Naruto Successor Fans Need

Any Naruto fan in need of another heartwarming action series should look no further than Shonen Jump‘s newest manga, Aliens Area, written and illustrated by Fusai Naba. The series’ most recent chapter gave its supporting characters some enjoyable development and featured a scene that captured the wholesome and uplifting qualities that Naruto is known for.

Fans of Naruto surely remember the first mission carried out by Team 7; the bell test given to them by Kakashi. During a break, Sasuke and Sakura are ordered not to share their lunch with Naruto but do so anyway when they think Kakashi isn’t looking. He catches them and when it seems like he’s going to fail them, he passes them, and the event turns into a lesson about teamwork and camaraderie. It’s the moment the main characters bonded and truly became a team.


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Now, Shonen Jump’s Aliens Area, which has its own Team 7, takes a page out of Naruto‘s book and dedicates a chapter to developing its supporting cast of characters. After defeating an alien assassin with Sharaku, Tatsumi is then tasked with finding an alien nest in a rice paddy under the hot sun. His senior teammates, Yumeko and Ginji, are ordered not to help and watch as Tatsumi flounders in the paddy. Eventually, they give in, join in the search, and are caught by the Team 7 supervisor, Miwa. Rather than scolding them, he pretends not to notice and gives them all a hint on where to search, which results in another alien encounter.

It’s an endearing moment that reflects Naruto‘s bell task, and gives the rest of the cast, who haven’t been seen since their introduction in Chapter 3, some time in the spotlight. Since Aliens Area has concluded its first big fight, it is good to see that the series is now devoting time to giving its other characters some depth, and hopefully, they’ll get to have their own stories fleshed out as the series progresses. It would be a smart move that will help the series survive in Shonen Jump’s rocky environment for new manga.

By developing his characters and team in a way that’s reminiscent of one of the world’s most popular manga series of all time, Naba is helping Aliens Area stand out. This isn’t the first time the series has been inspired by Naruto either, such as when it put its own spin on Naruto‘s final villain story, which gave the first arc an extra layer of depth. With all this in mind, it seems to be that Shonen Jump‘s Aliens Area is shaping up to be the successor Naruto fans are looking for.

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