Scientists think that video games could help fight dementia

Scientists think Video Games could lead to victory against Dementia.

It’s ongoing research into the disease, which causes mental deterioration. Scientists have spotted several steps to reduce the risk of dementia. Exercise and diet are all of the leading causes, but the alternative was to a video game.

Speaking about a game, it’s possible you did not speak about it. As much as possible, the old way of taking the deathtime as a carninja cut a warpath through the tepidoles, but a scientist prefers to be boring. They lost.

Instead they were making their own games, focused on certain mental functions they think will help combat dementia. In these games, you’ll recall patterns and sounds, and you will need a quick resuscitation to have that job done. The research is still ongoing, so it is impossible to know what is going on in this field. But many are hopeful. In various projects, millions of dollars have been put into their milliards of dollars. All focus on the same goal.

Double Decision is one of these projects. Double Decision’s goal is to increase the amount of visual information a brain takes in and the speed that it processes the informationcapabilities that typically decline with age. Repeated game aids brains to react more quickly, focus a better and remember more, says Mercer.

A version of the game is actually now available. That is available in-browser on the Wall Street Journal website. It’s pretty weird, like the same thing you’d seen in Newgrounds or CoolMathGames. That’s one that could have been very interesting to find in the future, but if the research is relevant, it won’t give scientists a good idea.


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