Saga of the city of River City: Three Kingdoms Review PC

!Imputables!!Poilers don’t hurt.

Whenever you travel to River City, you’ll probably find it a winner. Gamers have been following this street since the early 1980s. Now we enter the River City Historical Drama. Three Kingdoms will bring the four-player beatem up action title, followed by the Downtown Special: River City Historical Drama! Game. Guan Yu, also known as Kunio, works hard to survive during the very worst times of the late Han Dynasty. Experience the largest historical event in history, from the Yellow Turban Rebellion to the Red Cliffs Battle. You can buy River City’s Saga for 29.99 dollars.

Staying true to old-school pixel art styles, playable characters and NPCs are all created in retro pixel graphics. All that is done in a modern art style that takes place in the original Chinese style. After that, on dope-looking, 2D platformer-style stages that once discovered can be easily made by a fast walker. An abundance of destructible objects and friendly NPCs for cooperation with other merchants to collect items that you must endure the battles. Put through six characters with up to 24 playable characters, which include nine new ones.

Before you go home to the streets and restore the Han dynasty to its former glory, you must decide who will go with you on this adventure. When you are on the crib, you can call up to 4 of your homies on the co-ops. The online co-op also supports up to four players and is only allowed in the arcade. It also works as a co-op, but unfortunately only with up to 2 players, the story modes don’t work on cross-platform. I wish developers would take on the extra work and allow up to 4 players in story mode, that would be much more fun. But if you are too excited to wait for your crew to play the game, you can always take the story by yourself.

River City: 3 Kingdoms builds upon the Game and Combat System that it is in the game River City: Rival Showdown. The character you prefer could be adapted to a playstyle you like by adapting your skills and stat allocation. It’s a very simple system. Only play the game, level up and earn points. Don’t overcomplicate things with your build. By completing missions and by acquiring scrolls from different merchants you will end up unlocking most special abilities. You can also equip up to three loadouts of gear that offer you various buffs. Finally, like any great RPG, you’ll get the proper abilities or heal with the purchasable consumables to full.

I was a bit disappointed to find out that it wasn’t a cross-platform online co-op. The gameplay is beautiful, except for the random puzzles that didn’t fit the theme of the game. I don’t like to think I didn’t like each of the four difficulties to get them to the level. At least let me get into the first half, then unlock the final tier after playing it through. If you don’t do the side quests, the chapters will go short a little but in the case of the $29.99 price, I think a little price tag would be justified. Adding the 4-player co-op bonus mode makes this game perfectly complete. Even though it sometimes becomes a bit redundant, playing with friends is always so enjoyable. A very good playthrough with enough replayability to get you back for more!

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