Sable is coming to PS5 with new content and features

Publisher Raw Fury and developer Shedworks have confirmed plans to release Sable for PlayStation 5.

The open-world exploration game will arrive on Sony’s console later this year with new content and additional features.

These will include a new fishing mini game and angler mask. Players will also be able add fish and insects to their vivarium.

Sable | PlayStation 5 Announcement

While this content will presumably be coming to the Xbox and PC versions of the game, which were released in September 2021, the PS5 version will offer exclusive DualSense controller features.

“Sable tells an atmospheric coming-of-age story on a serene alien planet holding a multitude of secrets, at a uniquely decelerated pace,” according to Raw Fury.

“Players take on the role of young Sable, who leaves her home to embark on a journey through a world of ancient monuments, decaying architecture, nomads and spaceship wrecks plunged from the cosmos.”

VGC’s Sable review called the exploration game “a visually stunning adventure undermined by performance issues and dull quest design.”

Sable is coming to PS5 with new content and features
Sable is one of the demos featured in the event

Sony held a State of Play presentation earlier this week featuring a number of PS5, PS4 and PS VR2 reveals.

They included the first Tekken 8 gameplay and Rise of the Ronin, a new Team Ninja action RPG which will release as a PS5 console exclusive in 2024.