Returnal Coming To PC Soon

The acclaimed PS5 game Returnal will come to PC. It’s a great horror-shooter, and it’s been spotted on the Steam database multiple times now. Here’s everything we know about Returnal on PC.

Returnal Coming To PC
Returnal: PC players might get to enjoy to enjoy this classic soon. | © Steam / Housemarque

Returnal really blew up when it first released. The setting was so original, and the gameplay loop was super compelling. But there was a problem: Returnal launched exclusively on PS5, and most of the sci-fi/horror nerds out there couldn’t get a chance to play. Thankfully, it looks like this is changing, as the Returnal PC port has finally been spotted in the Steam database.

Returnal Is Coming To PC – Spotted On Steam Database

The Steam Database (which is basically a live archive of all products on the platform) showed a new game in May called “Oregon”, and it looks like this is just a code name for Returnal. The product is tagged with keywords that heavily suggest it’s Returnal, such as “rogue-like”, “sci-fi”, and “female protagonist”. More recently, an update was pushed for the product that included the phrase “Tower of Sisyphus”, which is a blatant reference to one of Returnal’s DLC locations.

We can’t guarantee that this is Returnal, for obvious reasons, but all the evidence points to the same conclusion. And it’s especially convincing given the leaked footage of Returnal running on PC that a source recently shared with VGC. Now, VGC never put the footage out to the public, so we don’t know how legit it was, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

A Returnal PC port was originally revealed in the infamous Nvidia leak, which you can see everything about in this video:

The Steam DB entry has been updated again in July, refueling speculation around a Returnal PC port. These multiple updates included Steam Deck functionality to “Oregon”, among other things. While this doesn’t directly tell us anything more about Returnal for PC, the high frequency of updates gives us fuel for speculation around the release date.

Returnal PC Release Date

We don’t have an exact release date for the Returnal PC port, but if it’s already appearing in the Steam database, then we expect it to be released within a matter of months rather than years. Hell, we’ll probably get it even sooner than Skull & Bones. But if we really are getting it in 2022, then we should expect an official statement from Housemarque before September.

And that’s everything we know about the Returnal PC port. This is a phenomenal game, and it’s well worth getting on Steam if you haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. Oh, and if you’re looking for other good PC games to play this year, we think the 2022 Game of the Year will also be launching on Steam!

[Update: September 6, 2022]

Alexander Battaglia from Digital Foundry (@Dachsjaeger on Twitter) highlighted the fact, that we were able to see first footage of Returnal being run on PC at the Game Developers Conference. This is another bit of confirmation that the game will soon be announced and released for PC gamers. See his tweet and the whole GDC presentation below:

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