Queen’s funeral latest: King Charles and Prince William make surprise visit to queue for lying in state


ing Charles III and Prince William have met members of the public on Lambeth Bridge in a surprise visit to ‘The Queue’.

The King and the Prince of Wales thanked people who have come to pay their respects to the Queen.

They had earlier visited the Metropolitan Police central control room to thank emergency service workers for their work and support ahead of the Queen’s funeral.

The king shook hands with the new commissioner Sir Mark Rowley, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and the new Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

Meanwhile officials have warned the waiting time for the queue to see Queen Elizabeth II lying in state is up to 14 hours – although it has fallen from 24 hours overnight.

The Government’s tracker feed has warned that entry to the queue will be pasued if it reaches capacity. It had earlier warned people not not to travel to join the line.

Thousands of people queued through the night to see the Queen’s coffin.

Mourners last night could file past while the Queen’s children mounted a vigil around her coffin.

At around 10pm a man was arrested after ‘rushing towards the Queen’s coffin and lifting the Royal Standard’.

Her grandchildren including Prince William and Prince Harry are due to hold a similar vigil on Saturday evening.

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Saudi crown prince will not attend Queen’s funeral

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will travel to London to meet the King but will not be attending the Queen’s funeral, according to reports.

Representatives from Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry will likely attend, but King Salman will not.


Queen’s face ‘lit up’ recalling Paddington sketch

The Queen’s face “lit up” as she recalled her infamous Platinum Jubilee sketch with Paddington Bear, a former Church of Scotland moderator has recalled.

The Very Rev Dr Martin Fair has told of his pride after he stayed with the late monarch at Balmoral Castle at the end of August just before her death on September 8.

The sketch saw the Peruvian bear visit Buckingham Palace for afternoon tea, where the Queen shows him a marmalade sandwich from her handbag.

Dr Fair said: “Her face lit up with the most radiant smile you could imagine, and she said, ‘it was rather fun, wasn’t it?’

“As I look back on that evening, I’m so glad that she was in such good form – smiling, laughing and enjoying the recounting of special memories.”


Royals thank emergency service workers

Prince William and his father King Charles earlier thanked staff at the Metropolitan Police Service Special Operations Room in Lambeth. The workers will play a vital role in the Queen’s funeral on Monday which has been described as Britain’s biggest ever security operation.


‘Put your phones down and enjoy the moment’

As the King made his way along the queue people were consistently urged by a security guard to put their “phones down, shake hands and enjoy the moment”.

King Charles security officer tells people waiting in the queue to put their phones down and “enjoy the moment”


‘I hope you’re not too frozen’

One couple told King Charles they met him yesterday in Wales; while another said they had already queued through the night for 13 hours.

“I hope you’re not too frozen,” the King could be heard telling one woman.

He stood chatting briefly to a woman clutching a Paddington Bear toy who said she had come from Peru.


William thanks people for waiting in line for so long

The Prince of Wales thanked people for waiting in line for many hours for the Queen’s lying in state, as he shook hands with mourners.

Several people cried after meeting him, and one woman told him: “You’ll be a brilliant king one day”.

Charles left before William, both of them in cars surrounded by police vehicles.


Crowds cheer Charles and William

Hundreds of people cheered and applauded as Charles and William emerged to meet them in the queue.

Many took photographs and pressed against the metal barriers, eager to exchange a word with the King and the heir to the throne as they shook hands with those closest.

Several also shouted “God Save the King” and “God Save the Prince of Wales” as each passed by. They king and prince both encouraged people who were queuing and thanked them.


Prince William meets people in ‘The Queue’

Here is Prince William greeting people queing to pay their respects for the Queen. He told people in the crowd he “hopes their finger and toes are ok” after queuing through the cold temperatures in the early hours.


King Charles III and Prince William make surprise visit to ‘The Queue’

King Charles III and Prince William are meeting people in the queue who are waiting to pay their respects to the Queen.


King Charles III walked with Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley as he arrived for a visit to the Metropolitan Police Service Special Operations Room in Lambeth. He was to thank emergency service workers for their work and support ahead of the funeral of his mother. The control room will play a vital role in the security operation to keep members of the Royal Family, dignitaries, and visiting heads of state and the public safe during the funeral.


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