Queen Letizia of Spain joins husband King Felipe VI to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth II | Royal | News

Queen Letizia of Spain has joined her husband King Felipe VI on the balcony to pay their respects at the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II as she lies in state. They join other world leaders and hundreds of thousands of people who have filed past the late British monarch as she lies in state.

Queen Letiiza, dressed in black, looked solemn as she fell silent to pay her respects alongside her husband. 

Other dignitaries have also taken their place on a balcony to view her lying-in-state, with leaders from Canada, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago and elsewhere having already paid their respects.

The Spanish royals join French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden who are all in the UK to attend the monarch’s state funeral on Monday.  

They join presidents, prime ministers, kings, queens and sultans representing nearly 200 countries and territories at the funeral.

Elizabeth’s body has been lying in state at the historic Westminster Hall since Wednesday, and people from all walks of life and from around the have been filing past in a constant, emotional stream, many queuing overnight.

Monday’s funeral and the period of mourning has already drawn hundreds of thousands of people to central London’s streets and parks, with many clamouring to view floral tributes and experience the atmosphere.

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The government advised against travelling to join the queue to see the coffin before the line closes later on Sunday.

Such has been the desire to pay tribute to the popular monarch, the only one most Britons have known since her accession in 1952, that tens of thousands have waited patiently for hours alongside the River Thames to spend a few brief seconds at the side of her coffin.

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