Pokemon Go’s Easter Eggs Reveals Communion Day

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced new details for Halloween-themed Community Day next month. The game, unsurprisingly, is planning to bring a weird theme into the spotlight with the Ghost/Fire-type Litwick. The tournament will be held on Saturday, October 15th from 14 to 5 o’clock local time. Players could play game against Pokemon’s Shiny variation. A Special Research story could be released for $1, but it can be received as gifts and gifts from other players. Nothing more than the Special Research story, but it’s going to be titled Trick of the Light.

The player can expect several other bonuses every day. The special trade can be completed and all trades have to be funded by half of the typical Stardust. Two pairs of jellyfish will be received for making catches. Players at Level 31 have double chances of receiving XL Candy. Modules and exercises will last three hours, and players expect to see a “snapshot surprise” when taking photographs. All of this bonuses will begin at the same time as the event, but last until at 10 o’clock local time.

Players who may not have a chance to play during the scheduled Community Day hours could be in luck. Lampent will appear in 4-star Raids after the event for five houses. A player who defeats the type Ghost/Fire sees a swarm of Litwick appear in a 300-meter radius of the gym for thirty minutes following the Raid. Those Litwick will have the same chance of appearing Shiny as those who appear in Community Day hours.

The Chandelure that knows the exclusive Charged Move Poltergeist will be forced to expand any lamps until 5 hours after the end of Community Day. Poltergeist has a power of 140 in trainer-fought battles, and Gyms and Raids, making it an awesome option for those looking for a stronger Ghost-type move.

Are you looking forward to Pokemon Go community day next month? Did you join the Roggenrola Community Day last weekend?

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