Pokemon Go Ultra Wormhole: What Are They?

During Pokemon Go Fest there will be a brand new event going on. The Wormhole phenomenon will be happening at different Pokemon Go Gyms around the world. This will include the Ultra Beast from Pokemon. Here is what is needed to know about the Pokemon Go Ultra Wormhole and the Pokemon coming from them.

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Coming out of the wormholes at the gyms during the Pokemon Go Fest 2022 event will be Ultra Beasts. These Pokemon come from a different dimension that the normal Pokemon Universe. These Pokemon were added in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Basically, the story was that they were to be used for their power and would be brought from other universes. This was the first time Pokemon had ever really gone down this route.

Only Solgaleo and Lunala originally could open the wormholes to bring these beasts forth. For this Pokemon Go event things will obviously be a bit different. It seems as though the wormholes will be scattered at different gyms with different Ultra Beasts coming through them.

Here is a list of all of the different Ultra Beasts in Pokemon and all will eventually come to Pokemon Go.

The ones that will initially be coming in this even are listed below from the official Pokemon Go Twitter.

These Pokemon will be at all five-star raids and will only be available for a limited time. At least for now.

There is no doubt that these Pokemon will be very popular. Fans will need to grab them up with their friends while the event is live. There is no telling when they will come back.

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