Pokemon Go trainer catches the “most useless” Pokemon and fans love it

A Pokemon Go player has found potentially the “most useless” Smeargle in the game, but its insane rarity has trainers gushing over this terrible artist.

How a Pokemon’s combat viability is determined is different in Pokemon Go than in other titles in the franchise. Instead of six IVs and EV training, a Pokemon has three stats (Attack, Defense, HP) randomly generated when they spawn.

Depending on the IVs, a Pokemon is evaluated and ranked 0-4 stars. While trainers seek out four-star Pokemon to add to their parties for battle, collectors also look for zero-star Pokemon as they are incredibly rare.

But one player has found not only a zero-star Pokemon but one with an awful move set making it arguably the worst Pokemon ever caught in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Johto Collection ChallengeNiantic / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go players can only catch Smeargle after an unexpected photobomb.

The worst Smeargle in Pokemon Go

On September 9, Reddit user slhcslhc posted to the r/pokemongo subreddit to share their incredible find. Showing off an unassuming 12 CP Smeargle, the caption read, “I may have caught the most useless pokemon.”

With 12 combat power, Smeargle was evaluated and given the rare yet disappointing zero-star rating. However, its viability only got worse as OP showed its moves. Splash, a water-type move that does zero damage, and Struggle, a normal-type move that also damaged the user.

Despite having a horrible combination of moves and power, trainers in the comment section fell in love with the useless pup. “That is actually crazy. Nice catch there.” one user commented while another stated, “This is useless but super rare.”

One player who had a similar Smeargle stated, “I hand my crown down to you sir for the worst Smeargle… I really need to rename my Nundo Smeargle from Worst Artist to Bad artist now…”

While OP’s Smeargle won’t be seeing any combat, she will be a great addition to the collection. In fact, Pokemon Go allows for players to capture several fully evolved Pokemon at a level you normally couldn’t find them.

Some Pokemon with a low enough CP can even be evolved into their second or third form without ever gaining another level. But even a level one Charizard isn’t as useless as this Smeargle.

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