Pokemon GO: Pokemon Day 2022: Deoxys Raid Day 2022

Pokemon GO held another two events this weekend. The evening came along with Clefairy, which increased spawns of Clefairy, and Sunday afternoon saw the launch of Deoxys Raid Day, which started in an omnipotent flood of gyms. Today we’ll see whether this was a worthy offer.

Deoxys Raid Day in Pokemon GO. Credit: Nantic

What works on the GO’sPokemon event?

  • High Shiny Ratio: The standard Five-In-Apr. % were in its raid rotation. During Raid Day, the Shiny Rate remained at approximately 1 in 10 o’clock in the normal time. This made it easier for those who hunting specific Forme of Deoxys to concentrate on these Forme and get their Shinies. It’s the only positive on Saturdays, as it isn’t something special on Deoxys Raid Day. This is just a good feature of Raid Days in general. What was so bad about this one-day event?

What didn’t work in the Pokemon GO event.

  • Why is Raid Day not normally the only option to use in Tier Five combat? Deoxys Raid Day has a no-shew’s tail end and ends up in a raid. We had a Deoxys Raid hour just that week. AnyPokemon GO players who wanted to hunt Deoxys had plenty of time to do so before Raid Hour, leaving that hour to be a Hail Mary in most cases for those who missed the Shiny. Why don’t you bring something different? You don’t have the whole truth.


Unfortunately, Clefairy Commotion and Deoxys Raid Ray both experienced back-to-back duds due to poor planning.

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